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Giovanni Sorima Cello Recital

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With the global expansion of the new coronavirus infection, the performance slated for May 2020
Giovanni Solima's visit to Japan has been closely watched by the world & lt;br />We were preparing for a visit to Japan, but in the context of restrictions imposed from other countries, it was almost impossible to come to Japan from Italy, and unfortunately we decided to postpone it.

For this performance, Philia Hall will refund the
fee to all ticket customers as
once "canceled" the concert scheduled for Wednesday, May 13.

The transfer was decided on February 20, 2021 at 15:00.
The tickets are scheduled to be resold.
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A demonic talent that leads the forest all-rounder from one tone, a soul-trembling cello.

br/>A solitary cellist who also shows his talent for unconventional performances and compositions, Giovanni Solima.
Such a charismatic, unaccompanied recital is a concert that approaches the roots of Solima, where the eternal masterpiece Bach's unaccompanied sonata sit sit sit-ins and sincerely coexists folk music with its roots on one stage.

J.S. Bach: Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.4 in E major BWV1010

Giovanni Solima: Natural Songbook

Julio de Luvo: Romanella
Francesco Corbetta: Caprice de Chaconne (arranged by Sorlima)

br />Br/>Giovanni Solima: Fandango (homage to Bockelini)> br />
Tradition of Albanian son of Sicily: Beautiful Morea (arranged by Sorlima)

Elyodolo Solima: Sonata 1959 - Largamente Con Liberta
Modelert a Capriccio
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Cello? Giovanni Sorima



2020/5/13 (Wed)

May 13 (Wed) 19:00
br /<21:00 End of break (20 minutes scheduled)

Ticket Fee

8名限定!5,500円(全席指定・税込) → 4,000円さらに300Pゲット!

+ Ticketing Fee


Filia Hall, Aoba City Cultural Center


Note: Performances
Wed., May 13 19:00 8 people
br />
Thank you for your understanding.

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