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Beethoven : Piano Sonata """ "Moonlight " "Passion "

br />Tchaikovsky : "Four Seasons ", Ballet "Sleeping Beauty" from "Sleeping Beauty"

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Piano? Shoko Kawamura?? KAWA ACHIKOMURA?


Spasheba Music Society


2020/5/16 (Sat)

May 16 (Sat) 13:30


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All seats are free (general): 2,500 yen
All seats free (high school students and younger): 1,000 yen
(tax included)

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Sanjo City Sports and Culture Center Multi-Hall


Organizations Overview

He started playing the piano at the age of four. After graduating from the Department of Music at Kita-Kamakura Women's Gakuen High School (studied under Ms. Tomoko Hibiya), he graduated from the Department of Instrumental Music, Tokyo University of the Arts (studied under Professor Tomoko Tami). Appeared continuously in the open lecture of the late Mr. Miyoko Yamane of Goldberg.
After moving to Russia, he studied at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music (Graduate School and Graduate School). Under Professor Elena Richter, who inherited the Neigaus sect, he devoted herself to growth and music. While studying in Russia, he has experience performing at various museums and experiences in various arts. In addition, from an early age, he has had the opportunity to feel many worlds from famous pianists and professors from overseas. He has performed at various workshops and concerts, including world-renowned pianist Alexis Weissenberg (in Switzerland) and Adolfo Barabino (in The UK). He won the Bach-Busoni Award at the Classic Musica International Competition Festival (Russia Rusa) and won the Bach-Busoni Award (2010) and won the first prize at the competition (2011). So far, solo recitals have been held in Japan and abroad, with Japanese important cultural assets (Okurayama Memorial Hall in Yokohama City, Ueno Old Music Hall), Lake Shino Music Festival, Lake Biwa Gulliver Hall, Kamakura Art Museum, Tsuji Sanjo, and Matsushiro architect Carl Bendus. Modern old private house, Myaskovsky
Hall (Russia), Hammerwood Park (UK), Edardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art (Genoa, Italy), Music and Sea International Music Festival (Italy Sori), "Space Festival" It is carried out in Busala, Italy) and other, and to get rave reviews. He has been invited to perform as a judge of the Singapore International Classical Piano Competition, and has begun his musical arts activities as a pianist advisor to the younger generation. He began recording CDs in 2013 and released his debut album "Kawamura Plays Goldberg" from Claudio Records in the UK, including Bach, Bach-Busoni and the list.
Five-star CD reviews are published in the British music magazine Musical Opinion. In 2018, he released the second album CD Welcome to Chopin Etudes " featuring Chopin's Etudeworks 10 & 25 (24 songs) and Rachmaninoff.carlos. Currently, beethoven and Mozart's piano sonata recording project was launched in 2020, "250 years of Beethoven's birth" and 2021 "230 years after Mozart's death"
>"Continues artistic activities around the world with the aim of harmonizing nature & music in people's hearts.


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