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Bernard Andres: Late Autumn Song
Jean-Paul Olstein: Photogeny
Ton-Tat Thiet: Endless Marmering
Valeri Ki Kuta: Sonata for Violin and Harp
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Violin Viola? Yasutaka Henmi ? Bassoon? Nakagawa Hide ? Harp? Eri Matsumura




2020/6/28 (Sun)

June 28, 13:30 open 14:00 start

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All seats are free (advance sale): 2,500 yen
1, 000 yen discount! All seats are free: 2,500 yen , font color "#d30404">canhet seats: 1,500 yen!
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Hall on the 4th floor of international musical instrument serren


Organizations Overview

Yasutaka Henmi (Violin Viola)
Yasutaka HEMMI Born in Matsue City. He specializes in modern works and has developed his own playing methods, and his repertoire is also made to work that cannot be played by conventional playing methods. He also composes his own works and collaborates with dancers, artists, sound designers, and stage actors. He has also performed in European countries, Australia, the United States, South Africa, South Korea and Hong Kong, and has been invited to various international arts festivals. For two years since 2001, he has been a violinist for the Belgian ensemble Champ d' A;Action, and after returning to Japan, he has been actively performing as a violinist of the next mushroom promotion, and has pioneered new frontiers at the duo X [iksa] (Iksa) with harpist Takayo Matsumura. In addition, lectures on modern playing at Stanford University in the United States are well received, and continue to inspire composers' creative activities. He has participated in a number of CD recordings, as well as a solo CD released by Megadisc (Belgium) in 2004, as well as an x [iksa] album. In 2005, he received the Saji Keizo Award from the Suntory Music Foundation as a next mushroom promotion.

>Nakagawa Hide-an Bassoon
Hidetaka Nakagawa
Graduated from Kyoto City University of the Arts. He graduated from the Paris Conservatory of Music, the Frankfurt University of Music, and the Ensemble Model academy. In 2013, he performed as an ensemble member of the Lucerne Music Festival. He received the Kyoto City Special Encouragement Prize for Arts and Culture, and is an overseas music trainee at the Meiji Yasuda Quality of Life Culture Foundation. Ensemble FOVE bassoon player. He is a part-time lecturer at Tokyo College of Music.

Principal of the Harp Department of the National Conservatory of Sonaly, France. He obtained a qualification for the French National Advanced Music Research. After graduating, he worked in Europe to study under the backing of the Nomura International Cultural Foundation and returned to Japan. As an orchestrator, he has been performing extensively as a soloist, including guest performances to orchestras in Japan and abroad. He is also enthusiastic about contemporary music, including the premiere of new works. Released the CD "Farfare in the Sleeping Forest" and "Farfare in Wonderland" at Harp Duo Farfare with his older sister, Tashiro Matsumura. He won many awards including the 10th Japan Harp Competition (International Competition) Professional Category. She studied under Junko Tabuchi, Ryo Kimura and Fabrice Pierre. He is a member of the French International Harp Association. He is a harpplayer of the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra. He is a lecturer at the Felice Conservatory of Music, International Musical Instruments Company.


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