Tokyo Mahalo 23rd Performance
His name is Leonardo/ Or I'll sit in the middle.

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We will inform you of the cancellation of the performance. Please note that performances eligible for
Conffeti Special Tickets are not eligible for refund.
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Tokyo Mahalo

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[His name is Leonardo]? Haruki Seigo , Naoko Emizu, Naoko Emizu, Takayasu Yamiya, S.A., K.A., K.A., K.A.A.R.D.A.N.D., K.A.D. M'o?? KoEika Kaoru Tsuyama World Pass & C Yumi & Tsubaki V Shigefumi Haki Risako Shino Cast #n場園梓? Cast?? [Or I'm the one who sits in the middle]? Masafumi Uchitani, X Ichiya-ya-Ya-Ya-Sayoshi Aki-H-Fuji Junya-tei-E-Twada-Tsida-E-Twada-Tsi-Ko-Ho-Yo-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Sayoshi-Aki-H-Fuji-Junya-E-Tswada-e-Tswada-E-Twada-Tshiko-Koo-Yo-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-


Script/Director? Koichi Yajima


2020/3/19 (Thu) 〜2020/3/29 (Sun)

Please note
br />> gt;03/23 (Mon) 19:00
Wed., March 25, 19:00
03/26 (Thu) 14:00 / 19:00
Friday, March 27 14:00 / 19:00
3 people in total 24 people
br /> #d30404;
For the latest information, please check the performance website.

For more information, please visit the performance's website
"Or I'm sitting in the middle" (re-enactment)
"His name is Leonardo" (new) W cast: Babazono
[His name is Leonardo] (new) W cast: Mayumi Yamamoto

Ticket Fee

24名限定!5,500円(全席指定・税込)→ 【指定席引換券】4,500円さらに1000Pゲット!(3/24 19時30分更新)
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[Reserved seat voucher]
Please exchange the seat ticket at the reception 60 minutes before the performance on the day.
We may not be able to provide consecutive seats. Please be aware of this.

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