PARCO Theater Opening Series Kokizo Mitani's Three Months Performance
Bunraku Mitani "Rei Seishinchu"


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<重要>PARCO Theatre Opening Series
"Mitani Bunraku So Reinari"
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Yukiki Mitani painted with love, the humanity story of ordinary people's laughter and tears set in Sonezaki, Osaka
Fumiraku Mitani "The Resei shinbu" new PARCO theater performance!

"I will be a new vessel to decanting wine and make it a beautiful sake", and Yukiki Mitani created it, and the popular Mitani Bunraku "Reinari-shin" will triumph into the new PARCO theater.

The stage is Genroku 16 years.
In Osaka, "Sonezaki Heart Naka" written based on the actual incident in the heart of Kinmatsu mon Saemon is a big hit. The forest of Tenjin where the stage became it was a mecca in the mind of the man and woman who tried to accomplish the heart at the end of the sorrow love. Yukiki Mitani wrote down the story of a married couple in a bun shop at the entrance of the forest and a man and woman who came to mind. This is a humanity story filled with laughter and tears from the people of Ichii who live in Sonezaki, the true essence of Yukiki Mitani. It is a back version of 'Sonezaki Heart' and 'Reinari heart'.

While paying homage to the traditions and tricks of Bunraku, Yukiki Mitani created the charm freely with his brush and directing comedy "The Rei Nari-shin". It is a super-classic entertainment of Yukiki Mitani who brought out the possibility of Bunraku to the maximum.
The humanity story of ordinary people who never appear in Japanese history, drawn by Yukiki Mitani.
Laugh a lot at the theater, cry, please!

The stage is Osaka and Sonezaki of Genroku 16 years.
Thanks to The Sonofa's blockbuster "Sonezaki Heart", tenjin-no-mori is a hot-fashioned part of the heart.
Hanbei and his wife, who run a bun shop there.
The business that the bun shop which cries the old bird began to put on the fashion in the mind is a life consultation.
This is, what a big hit.
Life is a luxury of raising the right shoulder.
But at that time a rival appeared.


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Written and directed? Koki Mitani ? Composed? Kiyosuke Tsurusawa


2020/8/13 (Thu) 〜2020/8/20 (Thu)

8/13 (Thursday) 15:00
Friday, August 14 11:00 / 15:00
08/15 (Saturday) 11:00 / 15:00<>br />8/08/16 (Sun) 11:00<<>>08/16 (Sun) 11:00<>>08/16 (Sun) 11:0008/14 g;8/17 (Monday) 18:30
08/18 (Tuesday) 13:30
08/19 (Wednesday) 13:30 / 18:30
8/20 (Thursday) 13:30

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All seats are available at 8,500 yen (tax included)
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