Wild Children
Wild Children's 6th
The end of thirst,

Performance content

I want it, I want it.
Ordinary family, happy birth.
Torn and crushed.
Just love. That's it.
I wanted to see you.
End of thirst,

-on the theme of prenatal diagnosis, the eclectic, countless love

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The Great Training Book?? Smoke? Rin Takahashi ? Tokuko Ohara ? Haruyo Kobayashi?? Smoke? Keisuke Ezaki ? Yuka Yoshimi ? Dai Oyama ? Kensuke Uchida ? Arita An??? The Killing of The Deer [Double cast] A? Hakonami Window?? Q Nocasa's captive???s? Dan blank genome? B? Terada Ka-ya!?? W?? X Mushrooms???? Forty cents a group of dollars?


Screenplay and directing? Arita An ? Music? Yukihiro Tada?? U Riki Orchestra? Singing cooperation? Naomi Frances ? Stage director? Takero Kobayashi?? ★ Office? Directing assistant? Takahiro Sato$" KawaEmi%. Sakie Hara ? Acoustic plan? Tsuyoshi Yukimura ? Sound operator? Ginji?? ilverhythm? Lighting? Son of a long time?? ntitled light? Advertising art, web? Yumi Kaneko ??? Tuyama Office? Steel footage? Yoshima Matsuo ? Publicity video? Toshikazu Kobayashi ? Promotional hair makeup? Satoyama And beauty ? Production? Takuya Ishigami ●Chihiro A Kawa ? Produce? An Arita


2020/6/9 (Tue) 〜2020/6/14 (Sun)

June 9 (Tue) - June 14 (Sun), 2020 All 11 Stages
9 (Tue) A19:00☆
10 (Wed) B19:00☆
11 (Thu) B14:00/A19:00 ;br/>12 (Fri) A14:00☆/B19:00
13 (Sat) B11:30/*15:00/A19:0014 (Sun) A12:00/B16:00</> ☆1st day and weekday lunch time
*Additional performances (performed by a team with a lot of reservations by Tuesday, June 2)

The performance time is scheduled for about 1 hour and 50 minutes.
After the performance at 19 o'clock on September 9, after the performance, after the aftertalk will be held with all a-cast members.
After the 19th performance on The 10th, after the performance, after the aftertalk will be held with all b-cast.
After the 14th performance on the 11th, music will be performed by Yukihiro Tada (Tin Orchestra).

Ticket Fee

All seats free (general): 4,200 yen
All seats free (general): 3,800 yen ☆ first day and weekday lunch discount
(tax included)

>>< b>["Mobapass(electronic ticket)"Selectable performances](Card payment only)
First-time users link It is necessary to install the app "Mobapass" provided by STATION and register the app number to the member's My Page. There is no problem even after the reservation. *If you use "Mobapass", you will not be eligible for the ticket refund service.
For more information on "movapass"," visit the
+ Ticketing Fee


Sun Mall Studio


Organizations Overview

Production unit by Anarita.
Arita An, who belongs to the theater company Kaka-sei, jumps over the genre and creates works by collecting unique actors who are most concerned about it. It is characterized by a more aggressive attitude before thinking about how it can be achieved rather than for the reason sought to be not. It is based on the creation of works that make the best use of each human ity. We will jump over "categories", multiply themes with the expressions that are most concerned, and pursue unique combinations and expressions that are unique. Our motto is to realize what we want to do with sincerity. In August 2015, "1980", a launching performance, was nominated for best director of the Sato Sakichi Award.


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