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After the inno-ji incident, a meeting to decide Nobunaga's successor, the Kiyosu Conference, which will be held in the future, was held in Qingzhou Castle. It is not written in the book of history that the conference which can be called the Kiyosu meeting of women was held about ten years ago from this Kiyosu conference.

Warring States period. In order to prevent Oda Nobunaga's unification of the whole country, the order of Yoshiaki Ashikaga, who became the last shogun of the Muromachi Shogunate, formed the "Nobunaga Siege Network" by the feudal lords of various places that had been united, and Nobunaga was forced into a predicament after the unprecedented death!

While Oda's defeat color becomes darker by the siege network, Nobunaga's regular room "Ono no Nohime" devoted its energies to "intelligence activities" with the aim of recovering the situation!

Women who married young in a political marriage not only took charge of home affairs at the bride's place, but also sent a secret letter and gave the information of the bride. And, the women of each house had set up a "secret information conference" which gathered in secret in one place and exchanged various information of each house.

The women who gather here were calling this meeting "Bath Commentary" because of the humanity that if they meet in one bathtub, words will be exchanged with nature!

In this way, behind the history of the Warring States, the "Bath Meeting" by women who manipulated the Warring States period, which had a significant impact on the later unification of the country, opened.
br />There...the hot spring researcher Mari Yosano and Okuie Ka, whoReiwa ate the "the fruit of space and time" bought by the net order and went back in time from the samurai to Arima in the Warring States period, rolled in ... what will happen to the yufune meeting ????

The popular University Sengoku strategy game "Like a Lion" released last year is a 2.5-dimensional stage that boldly incorporates the charm and history of the game, and entertainment!
><><><>>B>> is a new title released in August 2019 by Six Waves Inc., a mobile game company based in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Seoul, and San Francisco.

The real pleasure of the battle to win the territory, the strangeness of the scheme, the governance of the castle and the enhancement of domestic affairs. It is a Sengoku simulation game with all kinds of elements, such as the training of excellent soldiers.

All warlords have delicate motion motions to create overwhelming graphics as if they were alive. In addition, it is also characterized by the highest graphics in history completed after a strict quality check.

You can experience the top of the drawing technique that beautifully reproduces the samurai who lived in the world of the warring states.

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Mari Yosano? Risa Tanaka ? Okuie Kaori? Takaya Ito?? E Station Stage A? Chiyo? Ruu Asahina??? Kyoutanigawa Koatsu ??? ? Chrysanthemum? Yuka Kawamura ??? Aoi??? #ム田さき? ? You're the one? Keiko Iizuka ? Nene? Erina Masuda ? Hosokawa Garasha? Erika Niwa ? Kyoko Tsumagi? Erika ? Pine? Mitsu???ya Sonoda ???? ? Naotora Ii? Maya Sakurai??? ???? ? Mitsuyo? Ami Nakano ? Rusu Chun-an? Chitose??? Ame Aoi-??? ? Kiyoden? Inujima-sai Nyan ??? Aoi???? ? Yoshichiyo-den? Kuroki Emmy ??? Aoi?%cum c??? Makoto ? Chunxian? ??? Mari Nishimoto Aoi?& Stylish? ? Mrs. Hojo? ??? Ayaka Fujikawa Chihiro c??? ? Seion-in-den? Yuka Takahashi ??? Yurie ♀ ??? ? Chiyo Mochizuki? Sanada Hayashi ? Hannya? Emi Saito ? Silver? Nishiyama Kaoru?? Ike?? Otani? Saki???shira Shirakami Aoi? Uon???-an ? Shiden? Yangxianghai Pearl ??? Aoi???? ? Yu? Nakanishi Kaoru ? Nobuyo? Yuri Nomura ? Kyoko? Kaori Hayashi ? Phase? Miho Kato ? Oe? China Kitahara ? Oh, city? Rina Nagaku ? Oshima? Yuka Shinomiya ? Tosen Gongqing? Ayaka Yoshida


Original? Like a Lion - Sengoku Hao Senki- ?? ix Waves Inc. All Rights Reserved? Screenplay? Fujiwara no Ryo ? Directing? Yuki Tanaka


2020/4/14 (Tue) 〜2020/4/19 (Sun)

04月14日(火) 19:00 【A】
04月15日(水) 19:00 【B】
04月16日(木) 14:00 【A】 / 19:00 【B】
04月17日(金) 14:00 【B】 / 19:00 【A】
04月18日(土) 14:00 【B】 / 18:00 【A】
04月19日(日) 12:00 【A】 / 16:00 【B】

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