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The world's most famous Vienna Boys' Choir boasts over 500 years of tradition among the many boys (girls) choirs
, a small goodwill ambassador of Vienna, the capital of music. It was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria in 2017, inheriting its special technical education and chorus.

About 100 members live in a family life that transcends nationality, language and culture at the Ugarten Palace in White in Vienna for a short period of time from the age of 10 to the age of 14. They are divided into four groups, named after musicians associated with the choir: Schubert, Haydn, Mozart and Bruckner.

As a member of the court orchestra in Vienna, he performs in Mass and performs with the Vienna Philharmonic and the Vienna State Opera, performing about 300 performances a year around the world, and continues to attract an audience of 500,000 people.

Long-term expeditions such as overseas performances are held once a year for each group. The same group visits Japan once every four years, and the same members do not gather twice. In Japanese performances, there is always a new face and encounter with a new chorus. He first came to Japan in 1955. He has a long connection with Japan, and in the event of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are supporting the disaster-affected areas, including a charity performance by all four groups, the first in the history of Vienna.

The Vienna Boys' Choir, a great conductor, toscanini, was called "The Voice of an Angel." As small professionals, their performances delight not only classical music, film music, pop music, and Japanese songs, but also dance and musical instrumentperformance.

In 2019, Japan and Austria celebrated the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations. In 2020, 65 years have been celebrated since the Vienna Boys' Choir's first visit to Japan, and the Schubert group (Capelmeister: Oliver Stetchi) will come to Japan.


<Program A
Mozart: Cantata "The Spirit of the Universe" K.429
Werner: Wild rose
Mendelssohn My Soul, Praise My Lord
Debussy: Spring Greetings
Kodai: Mountain Night
Unsch: Today, Angels Are Coming to Vienna
Kaya biab: Coconut Nut (Da Coconut Nut)
Chinese folk song: Takayama Blue
Hisaishi Jo: Put you on (from the movie "Castle in the Sky Laputa")
Okano Keiichi: Furusato
Yonezu Genshi: Paprika
Joseph Strauss: On a vacation trip
J.Strauss?:Tric Tric Polka
J.Strauss?:Beautifulblue Danu br />Other
<>>>Program B
American Folk Song: If you're happy, clap your hands
Cortez: Sherit Lind
Mendelssohn: "Dream of a Midsummer Night" from "Two Serpents with Abototsu Tongues"
Rachmaninoff: Avedite devo
Korean Folk Song: Arirang
Copland: I bought a cat
Vivaldi: Gloria's "The Lord is an only child"
Billy Joel: And So It Goes
Brazilian Song: Three Songs of the Krahos lt;br />Hokkaido Folk Song: Soran-bushi
Okano Keiichi:Hometown
Yonezu Genshi: Paprika
Joseph Strauss: Sailor Polka
J.Strauss?: BeautifulblueDanube

There is a possibility of change in the song and the order of the song.

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2020/6/11 (Thu)

June 11 (Thu) 14:00 start (13:20 open / 16:00 scheduled to end) Program A

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