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The sound of the impending military song. Away enemy music (jazz).
The shadow of the creeping war -
It was
the people who shimined "

75 years after the war now is now "pre-war "
With popular songs such as "Moonlight Value Senkin", "The Constellation Shining" and
"From a Cup of Coffee" and "Aozora" that colored the era,
We welcomed the cast members full of charm, &;br /> masterpiece, Kuriyama Minya.

>Br />If you draw a very ordinary human life with a chitin, the audience will laugh with their belly in their stomachs, and
Polo-polo tears will shed. The audience's laughter and tears,
This is the largest and best medal for a person who writes a play.
This is the beginning of the Showa People's Den trilogy.
This is like a private play.
This work was drawn through people gathering at a small record store in Asakusa, Tokyo, in 1933, when the shadow of war was darker day by day.
The drawing era is by no means bright, but
The stories on the popular songs of the time scattered around each place are with a nostalgic scent full of tears and laughter.

---Hisashi Inoue

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Yotomi Matsuoka ? Kubo Yoshiyoshi ? Mitsuomi Takahashi ? Fumihiro Hagino ? Saori Seto ? Hiroaki Goto ? Yuji Kimura ? Meira Okuma ? Naoto Takakura ? Tetsushi Muraoka


Work? Hisashi Inoue ? Directing? Minya Kuriyama


2020/3/5 (Thu) 〜2020/3/15 (Sun)

3/05 (Thursday) 18:30
03/06 (Friday) 13:00
03/07 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:30
03/08 (Sun) 13:00-
Wed., March 11 th 13:00 / 18:30
03/12 (Fri) 13:00
Friday, March 13, 03:00-
March 14 (Sat) 13:00 / 18:30
Sunday, March 15, 13:00

3 hours (including breaks)

-:Special talk show available
03/08 (Sun) 13:00 Yotomi Matsuoka, Yoshiyoshi Kubo, Hiroaki Goto, Yuji Kimura
Friday, March 13, 13:00 Mitsuomi Takahashi, Fumihiro Ogino, Saori Seto, Akira Okuma
Special talk show is open to those who have a "sparkling constellation" ticket other than the date of the event.
However, admission may be closed as soon as it is full.

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first-come-first-served only! General: 8,500 yen - [Reserved seat voucher] Night performance: 4,400 yen!
first-come-first-served only! U-30 -3,000 yen!
(including tax)

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There is a possibility of change depending on the circumstances of the performer.

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