NAGAREYAMA International Chamber Music Festival 2020 [3-Day Common Ticket]

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This year marks the first anniversary of the opening of Starz Otakanomori Hall, and the NAGAREYAMA International Chamber Music Festival 2020 will be held with renowned international musicians from Japan and abroad invited the world-renowned musicians from Japan and abroad, with the world-renowned pianistpascal Duvaillon and Rinatsuko Murata, who live in Nagareyama City, as producers. We offer luxurious programs that allow you to enjoy the charm of "chamber music" from various angles. On the last day, there will also be a family concert for parents and children.

F.Poulent Sonata for Flute and Piano>br /> F.POULENCNate So FP164 (fl/pf)
Shigenori Kudo ( Flute), Pascal Duvaillon (piano)
C.Saint-Saens Fantasy in A major Op.124
C.St SAENS Fantaisie Op.124 (vl/hp)
Philip Pell> Naoko Yoshino (Harp)
B.Martinou Cello Sonata No.1 H277>b;> . MARTINU 1st Sonate H 277 (vlc/pf)
Zhao Jing (Cello), Rinatsuko Murata (Piano)
R.Schumann Picture Book Op.113
R.SCHUMANN M&#228;rchenbilder Op.113 (va/pf)
San-Jin Kim (Viola), Rinatsuko Murata (Piano)
J.Brahms Clarinet Sonata No.1 in F minor Op.120-1
J.BRAHMS 1st Sonate Op.120/1 (cl/pf)
Charles Naidick (Clarinet), Pascal Duvaillon (piano)
>br /<<blue>>b<0<トリオ公演>4/0;04/04
C.Debussy Sonata for Flute, Viola, Harp
C.DEBUSSY So en trio (fl/va/hp)
Kudo Shigenori (flute), Saint-Jin Kim (Viola), Naoko Yoshino (harp)
E.Shawson piano trio in t minor Op.3</b>
E.CHAUSSON Trio Op.3 (vl/vlc/pf)
Philippe Grafan (Violin), Liu Jing (Cello), Pascal Duvaillon (piano)
><><>J.Brahms Clarinet Trio in A minor Op114
>>br/br/> J.BRAHMS Op.114 (cl/vlc/pf)> Clarinet, Zhao Jing (Cello), Rinatsuko Murata (piano)
05/05 (Tue)16:0<ファイナル公演>0
<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>br;>>>>>>br;>><>>><>>br><>>>>>br;><>>>br;>>>>><>>>>br>>>>>br> W.A.MOZART Trio Kegelstatt KV498 (cl/va/pf)
Charles Naidick (Clarinet), Saint-Jin Kim (Viola), Rinatsuko Murata (Piano)
>S.Rachmaninoff Suite no.2
S.Manman racinoff 2nd Suite (pf/pf)>br/> Pascal Duvaillon (piano)
A.Lucel Serenade Op.30
A.ROUSSEL S&#233;rénade Op.30 (fl,vl,va,vlc,hp)
Shigenori Kudo (Flute), Philip pellan (violin), San Jin Kim (Viola)
Zhao Jing (cello), Naoko Yoshino (Harp)
J.Brahms Piano Quartet in G minor Op.25
J.BRAHMS 1st Quartet Op.25 (vl/va/vlc/pf)
Philip Grafan (Violin), San-Jin Kim (Viola), Zhao Jing (Cello)
Pascal Duvillon (piano)

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Philip Grafan?? Buy Iolin? Saint-Jin Kim?? Buy B Ola? Shizu?? 'Ero?? Kudo Shigenori?? t root? Charles Nydick?? N Larinette? Naoko Yoshino?? n-pu? Rinatsuko Murata?? s Ano? Pascal Duvaillon?? s Ano?



2020/5/3 (Sun) 〜2020/5/5 (Tue)

[3-day common ticket performances]
May 03 (Sun/Holiday) 14:0<デュオ公演>0
05/04 (Mon/Holiday) 14:0<トリオ公演>0
May 05 (Tue/Holiday) 16:00<ファイナル公演><>br>Family Concerts are not eligible.

Ticket Fee

3-day common ticket: 9,000 yen (all seats reserved, tax included)

Be sure to bring it to the final performance.

+ Ticketing Fee


Starz Otaka no Mori Hall


Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

If tickets are sold out at the time of advance sale, there will be no same-day ticket sales.
Wheelchair seating will be accepted at the Starz Otakanomori Hall Ticket Center.
[Starz Otakanomori Hall Ticket Center 04-7186-7638(8:30-22:00)]

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