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"Or an angry lover"

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The main character, Arcest, is a man who hates social greetings and false human relationships that are full of modern society. But ironically, he is in love with Selimaine, a woman who is dyed by the bad winds of modern society. Trying to live honestly with society and lovers destroys the human relationships he surrounds. Is he such a human being or an angry lover? A masterpiece comedy by Moliere is presented in a seven-person play directed by Keisuke Shimohira, who specializes in contemporary adaptations of classics.

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Ryutaro Akimoto ? Atsushi Yasushima ? Tanabe born ? Arima Kamei ? Kengo Sunahara ? Natsumi Kitamura?? Me Project? Keisuke Shimohira?? Me Project?


Original? Moliere "Human Gairi"? Directing? Keisuke Shimohira?? Me Project?


2020/3/21 (Sat) 〜2020/3/29 (Sun)

Note: Performances
Sunday, March 22 16:00
Monday, March 23 19:00
March 24 (Tuesday) 19:00
Thursday, March 26 19:00
Friday, March 27 19:00
2-4 people


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22名限定!一般5,000円→ 4,100円 さらに200Pゲット!
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Shinjuku Theater Miracle


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<公演について> If you would like to play in a wheelchair, please contact mopiproject@gmail us in advance.
Large luggage will be kept at the reception desk. Please contact our staff if you would like to check in.
Due to the venue's difficult yam, if your arrival is more than 5 minutes before the performance, please contact us at [a].


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