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Nagako Otake "Duet Project"

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This project attempts to "duet" with people from various cultural backgrounds, not just dancers. This time, famous self-portrait painter Beverly McCaivand and rapper Don Christian came to Japan to perform together. In addition, I express my feelings for my mother who passed away last year by entrusting it to the work.

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Nagako Otake ? Beverly McCayver ? Don Christian


Hosted? Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Arts Council Tokyo ? Planning and management? NPO Dance Archive Concept


2020/5/8 (Fri)

May 8 (Fri) 19:00

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The NPO Dance Archive Initiative is an organization that promotes the dissemination of the significance of cross-sectional dance archives and the establishment of an international network, with the artistic assets and know-how of Kazuo Ono and Keito Ono Archive at its core. With the aim of contributing to the succession and promotion of dance culture, in addition to collecting and preserving materials, we also plan to produce works that utilize them. We are also working on the development of new archiving methods using 3D technology.


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