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"Reaction Process" Duration: Thursday, April 9 - Sunday, April 26, 2020
Full Audition 2gt;
As the second project to select and perform all casts in auditions every season, Miyamoto Lab will perform a "reaction process" based on his own experience, vividly depicting the people who live in the munitions factory on the night before the end of the war. It is a project that Eriko Ogawa sets up as one of the pillars as an artistic director, where the creator meets a new actor and an actor with a new director, and a theater meets a new creator and sets up a work.
The director welcomes Tetsuya Chiba, who has been involved in many works at the New National Theatre as an actor and director, and will hold an audition for six weeks from the end of October 2018 to the middle of December, with 14 actors from among the many applicants.

The Pacific War's defeat in August 1945, a munitions-designated factory in central Kyushu. The factory, which used to produce dyes before the war, is now the site of the rocket gun proponent "" Mobilization students such as Tamiya, Hayashi, kageyama and others are also assigned, and they are working up a sweat with old stock workers day and night. It was Tamiya who believed in victory, but dazai, an official of the Labor Division, explained the essence of the war and passed a book that had become a forbidden book. In such a situation, a summoning order was given to Kageyama.

Girls & Boys -Girls & Boys-] Performance period May 12-31, 2020
Breathtaking ending-
Excellent one-man play to scoop up the modern era appeared!
A solo play premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2018. It is the First Japanese premiere of a popular film that has been performed in New York with a reputation for the London premiere. A woman meets a man fatefully, falls in love, and marries. However, this story of a life that I thought was happy suddenly begins to collapse one day, and various distortions in modern society are depicted.

"I" goes on a journey that doesn't decide where to go to re-examine life and meets a man at the airport in Naples where he happened to be there. The unexpected encounter at the airport is intense, passionate, and before long they are united and have children while balancing each other's work. They became ordinary happy families. However, the crack which does not understand little by little in the happy life begins to be born, and "I" life goes in an unexpected direction.

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"Reaction process"? Amano Hana@L-Fuku Masashi->Nona Naotaka ♂ Shota Hajime Hajime Hajime-Hoda-Ryosuke-E-Sui Yusuke_K-E-Hiroshi-%c Shirisaki Ryosuke%. Eiichi%Taitai yae and Hitoshi Soo Girls & Boys - Girls &amp; Boys ? Masami Nagasawa


"Reaction process"? ??? Miyamoto Si-tei? Rim o? Girls & Boys - Girls &amp; Boys ? Dennis Kelly ??? Shi-si-shi-shi-ya-jima Soshi??. Translation? RIM o?


2020/4/9 (Thu) 〜2020/5/31 (Sun)

<セット券対象公演組み合わせ> [

1 "Reaction Process" Thursday, April 9, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
"Girls & Boys" May 23, 2020 (Saturday) 17:30 start

(2) "Reaction process" Friday, April 10, 2020, 7:00 p.m.
"Girls & Boys" Sunday, May 17, 2020, 13:00

(3) "Reaction Process" Tuesday, April 14, 2020, 2:00 p.m.
"Girls & Boys" May 16, 2020 (Saturday) 17:30 start★

(4) "Reaction process" Thursday, April 16, 2020, 14:00 start
"Girls & Boys" May 16, 2020 (Saturday) 13:00 start

(5) "Reaction process" Wednesday, April 22, 2020, 14:00 start
"Girls & Boys" May 30, 2020 (Sat) 13:00 start
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