Karasuma Stroke Lock "Mahoroba no Kage 2020 ★"


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To do this
Connected by Yamamyaku
For the dead
All men and women climb
Ayumu, Ayumu, no boundaries

Men wander through the mountains in search of wild.

Kyoto-based theater company Karasuma Stroke Rock.
In the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, he chose the mountain faith that is thought to have had a significant impact on the Japanese people's view of nature, and after working in Sendai for his stay and creating several short plays, "Mahoroba no Kage" was born in 2018.
After performing at the Rohm Theatre Kyoto and the Tokyo Arts Theatre, and after the popular premiere, he also covered kagura and Shugendo in the Tohoku region on the ground, and faced re-creation.
Touring four cities with works reborn after two years.

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Maki Sakamoto ? Masasa Sawa Exhibition ? Yu???ya Abe Dankofuku Theater? Atsushi Kosuge?? The O Theater? ??? Akihiro Kojima A short-range male road missile?


Written and directed? Akinori Yanaginuma ? Music, cello performance? Hiroki Nakagawa


2020/2/16 (Sun) 〜2020/2/23 (Sun)

2/16 (Sunday) 13:00 / 18:00★
02/17 (Monday) 19:0★0
02/19 (Wednesday) 19:00★
2/02 (Thursday) 13:00
2/21 (Fri) 19:00
02/22 (Sat) 13:00★
2/23 (Sun/Holiday) 13:00
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Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Theatre East


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