Nijosha Special Project Drama Reading 2
People stopping


Performance content

Nagai Ai's dramatic reading performance with a panoramic view of the world of drama swatches

Last February, participants held a leading performance "The People Who Run Away" at the West Theater of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre with the aim of showing off the results of the "Workshop for Actors by Ai Nagai" organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre.
It was only one stage, but it was more popular than expected, and both the participants and the audience wanted to do it again, so we planned to make the stage in conjunction with the workshop into a series, and this special project Drama Reading VOL.2 "People Who Stop" was planned.
>Use text
>New light and dark
Clean-up women
Wearing soft clothes
Good evening, Dad
>>#40407;Outside Ghost Story
The Air ver.2

, Please understand that there is a case to change.

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Hitomi Ando ? Ijima sky ? Yasuaki Nishihara ? Koharu ? Yojo Suzuki ? Ryota Sasayama ? Shiori Doi ? Juri Harada ? True fish ? Naohiro Yamamoto


Composition and directing? Ai Nagai


2020/3/28 (Sat) 〜2020/3/29 (Sun)

3/28 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
03/29 (Sunday) 13:00

Ticket Fee

General: 3,000 yen
(all seats free, numbered, tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Theatre East


Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

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