Hadaka Theatre Performance vol.2 "Strip Strait"

Canceled <br />

Performance content

~Hadaka vol.2~"Strip Straits" ticket refunds

Performance Name: Hadaka Za Performance vol.2 "Strip Straits"
Venue: Shinjuku FACE

[About refund procedure]
The procedure for refunding depends on the "payment method" at the time of ticket purchase.
Please refer to the "Payment Method" section.

◎Credit card payment customers

by the end of March, you will be asked to stop or refund your withdrawal through the credit card company used for the payment.
There is no customer procedure.

【Precautions】Please be sure to check
Please discard your ticket.
Tickets are not required to be issued.
Please check your credit card details for the presence or absence of a refund.

◎Seven-Eleven over-the-counter payment customers
refunded at the "Seven-Eleven" store.
Please bring your ticket within the following reception period and come to the store.
Tickets issued at the store include the name of the
store purchased at the lower left corner of the ticket surface.
If you are not available for comment, please contact us at the following [Refund/E-mail inquiry],

Refund period: March 25 (Wed) 10:00 - April 12 (Sun)
&br/> *Please note that you will not be able to complete the refund procedures after the above period.

[About refund amount]
"Ticket price x number of sheets + various fees incurred at the time of purchase" will be returned.
*Please note that we will refund
after processing the increase disreache points as appropriate at the time of purchase.

This is it.
We are very sorry for your time in the announcement.
Thank you for your support.

[Inquiry on refunds and emails],
Conffeti Ticket Center
(Operation: LongRun Planning Co., Ltd.
03-6228-1630 (weekdays 10am-18pm)

==================================>[Notice regarding the "Strip Straits" performance sparked by the occurrence of a new coronavirus infection】

br/>Thank you very much for supporting the Strip Strait.
We have been in discussions to ensure that we can perform as much as possible for our customers, but in light of the situation of the new coronavirus infection and the policies of the government's Infectious Diseasecontrol Headquarters, we will cancel all performances scheduled to be held from Friday, March 27 to Friday, April 3, 2020. We apologize to all those who were looking forward to the performance.

Tickets will be refunded as the performance is cancelled. Refund details will be announced at a later date. Please keep your tickets carefully.

The performance itself will be discontinued, but goods to be sold at the performance will be sold by mail order. The schedule and other details about the goods mail order will be announced on the official website in the near future.

Thank you for your understanding.

====================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================================>&<お客様へ> gt;& There is a case to wait for a long time when coming after the performance time.
There is also the possibility of changing seats.
If you come after the show time, please be sure to follow the instructions of the staff.
Admission after the show will also be a nuisance to other customers, so please feel free to come and cooperate with us so that you will not be late for the performance.

Don't stop Strip!

Enchanted Common Sense ShowStage 2nd
Leave yourself in New Wave,
Become naked!

Reception period: February 8 (Sat) 10:00 -February 23 (Sun) 23:59?Lottery closing?
Results announced on Wednesday, February 26?Lottery results notified? March 1 (Sun) 23:59

Credit card settlement: immediate payment Monday, March 2, 0:00 to receive until the day of the performance.

*Seven-Eleven payment payments at seven-eleven stores during the above payment period (after payment) You will receive the number you need when you receive your ticket, Monday, March 2, 0:00 and later, you will be asked to pick up your ticket again at Seven-Eleven. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that if there is no payment within the above payment period, the winner will be void.
<*If you win, your seat number will be available on the Member My Page from 12:00 on Thursday, February 27. <<<★Cast pre-awards ★
non-sale benefits: each cast with solo bromide<<>

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Yamato Furuya ? Ryo Ishida ? Naoya Kuwasawa ? Fujiwara no Yuki ? Kenshin Saito ? Minami Kubota?? ood morning N? Hideto Sakai ? Rockin-Yoko ? Shinichi Chiyoda ? Noriko Fujita?? ood morning N'5/cam cam mini-cana ? Akisaku Kobayashi


Script/Director? Ikuko Sawada?? ood morning N? Music? Takahiro Kaneko


2020/3/27 (Fri) 〜2020/4/3 (Fri)

Friday, March 27 19:00
Saturday, March 28 13:00 / 18:00
03/29 (Sun) 13:00 / 18:00
Tuesday, March 31 00
Wed., April 01 14:00 / 19:00
Thursday, April 02 19:00
Friday, April 03 12:00 / 17:00<>

Ticket Fee

Cabrytsuki sheet: 12,000 yen (front row seat/ with benefits
Premium seat: 9,800 yen (front row seat/ with benefits
General Seats: 6,900 yen
(All seats reserved and tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku FACE


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