Nippon Broadcasting Corporation's 65th anniversary of the opening of the festival, Tsukakohei Theater Festival - Praying 10 years after his death - 2nd
The Reformation and Atami Murder Case [Tokyo Performance]

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For the 10th anniversary of the death of Tsukakohei,
Tsukakohei is a "great man" who suddenly appeared in the 1970s and caused a great sensation in the theater world. In 1974, he won the Kishida Drama Award for "Atami Murders," won the Naoki Prize for his 1982 "The March of Shibata," and in 1982, he won the 6th Japan Academy Award for his film adaptation, won the Yomiuri Literature Award for "Hiryuden 90" in 1990, and set up a gold tower called "Tsukakohei" in the theater world. From the standpoint of living in Japan, he was called "Takohei" and was born in Japan, lived in Japan, fought as a Japanese literary scholar, and was called to heaven in 2010 at the young age of 62.
Ten years have passed since then.
I'd like to examine tsukagoi in 2020, 10 years after his death. I believe that dreaming of Japan's tomorrow in the name of theater, believing in the future of Japan, and reviving the works of philosophers who fought against Japan in Japan will show new "hope" to young people living today.
Have you fulfilled the words similar to the prayer of "Tsukakohei"? Has it changed to the Japan that I dreamed of? Rather, the gap between rich and poor in the world widened, and even the term "disparity society" was born. Young people are suffering from the poverty of Japan, which has no sight of the future, because of the boomofs.
From the end of January 2020, the New National Theatre's Chukyoden "Hiryuden 2020", shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall "Atami Murder Case The Longguest Spring, Monte Carlo Illusion" from the middle of March, and the death of July, Shinjuku Kinokuniya Hall "The Shibata March Complete Edition Gin-chan" will be performed continuously.
Is it okay to leave japan as it is in 2020 when the Olympics spring up? Is it all you have to do to open your mouth and watch this pretense of prosperity?
"Tsukakohei" will put a bag in Japan.

Tsukakohei theater festival 2nd "Atami Murders" lt;/font>
The Atami Murder scar, which was written and published in 1973 in the literary theatre, is a masterpiece of Tsukakohei. He became the youngest person to win the Kishida Drama Award, and based at Kinokuniya Hall, he became a spring specialty of the Tsukakohei office. "Atami Murder Case" which has been re-enacted many times and was also called a spring tradition in Tokyo will be reborn again this year! !
Only the Atami murdercase at Kinokuniya Hall was performed by Tsukakohei's own hands, and it changed with "The Longest Spring" and "Monte Carlo Illusion", and even after his death, his will has been handed down by Shunichi Okamura.
and 2020, the 47th year. The first Atami murder case of Reiwa opens!

The first "Atami Murder Case" is a gorgeous two-piece stand!
"The Longest Spring", famous as the definitive version of "Atami Murder", plays Detective Kimura Denbei in his work, 2 In 2006, he performed on numerous stages as a talented player, including katsu Kaishu in "Shin-Bakumatsu Junjoden", and in recent years he has been fresh in his memory of his remarkable success in dramas and movies, and is an expected actor, Arai Satoshi. To the woman police officer Yoshiko Mizuno who performs the undercover investigation of the abandoned body, in 2014 played the first appearance of the TV drama in the role of the enemy executive Medic of [Masked Rider Drive], Baba Fumika is active as an attractive actress. Suspect Kintaro Oyama is played by Yuki Tamashiro, who is active on the stage of topics such as the stage "Wimp pedal" and the stage "Sword Ranbu". The country detective Rumushi Kumada, who came from Toyama, gained popularity with the musical "Sword Ranbu" and continues to play an active part in TV dramas.
Heresy among the many versions of "Atami Murder". In "Monte Carlo Illusion, which was once played by Hiroshi Abe, he played detective Denbei Kimura, who played the role of Rukichi Kumada in the "Atami Murder Case NEW GENERATION" staged in 2017, and is a high-profile actor who demonstrates its charm in all fields, from straight to musicals, 2.5-dimensional and dance performances. Haruka Kodama graduated from HKT48 in 2019 and began working as an actress to a partner of Detective Kimura Denbei. Suspect Kintaro Oyama breaks on the stage "Wimp pedal" and is active in various scenes from small theater to TV drama world, and Yutaka Torigoe is the director. In the country criminal Hayamizu Kensaku from Yamagata, a member of the theater company Bancho Boys, hyper-projection play [High Queue! Shuji Kikuchi, who is expanding his range of activities on the 2.5-dimensional stage, including the movie, will take on the challenge.
And the director represents the head as a wind cloud child of the small theater world, and now commercial theater is the main battlefield, from straight play to 2.5-dimensional musicals, and became a part of the next generation of theater world, Nakayashiki Hohito has become a part of the next generation of theater , "Atami murder case" as "reformation, Atami murder case", challenge the traditional framework!

Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa also "Atami murder" continues to live.
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Kimura Denbei, detective general? Atsushi Arai?? U. Longest Spring? c-tower e Carlo Illusion? Junko Mizuno, a female cop? Fumika Baba?? U. Longest Spring? c-tower e Carlo Illusion? Rumkichi Kumada, detective? Daichi Saeki?? U. Longest Spring? Kensaku Hayami, detective? Shuji Kikuchi?? c-tower e Carlo Illusion? Suspect Kintaro Oyama? Hiroki Tamashiro?? U. Longest Spring? c tower e Carlo Illusion?


Work? Tsukakohei ? Directing? Hohito Nakayashiki


2020/3/12 (Thu) 〜2020/3/30 (Mon)

03月12日(木) 19:00
03月13日(金) 19:00
03月14日(土) 13:30 / 18:00
03月15日(日) 13:30
03月17日(火) 19:00
03月18日(水) 19:00
03月19日(木) 13:30 / 19:00
03月20日(金・祝) 13:30 / 19:00
03月21日(土) 13:30 / 18:00
03月22日(日) 13:30
03月23日(月) 19:00
03月24日(火) 19:00
03月25日(水) 19:00
03月26日(木) 13:30 / 19:00
03月27日(金) 19:00
03月28日(土) 13:30 / 18:00
03月29日(日) 13:30
03月30日(月) 13:30

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