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Capital, Tokyo -
Unchanged scenery, calm daily life
There were girls who continue to fight without a stranger
Popularity that shines now The idol group is a temporary figure
The true identity was a combat organization belonging to the state

I hid in Tokyo for several years,
Existence of a variant that has attracted people in the shadow "Pygmalion"
The erosion area extends to a wide area in Tokyo
The person who is attracting memory and emotion has no way of knowing the fact...
The only thing they can compete with Pygmalion is only nine selected fitrs
by dedicating emotions and memories at the price of life and superhuman forces
Reborn as a doll

The fate of their people who went beyond their own death and forced to fight harshly is
Only the mysterious oh parts shining in their chests, "Gear" know...

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Master role? Nanagi Sound ? Sakura? Amane Miho ? The role of Misaki? Maho Tomita ? Siori? Miyako Maikawa ? Reina? Satomomo Hasegawa ? The role of Hyo? Do you want to go over the moat? Nanami? Yuki Nishiba ? Aya? Megumi Nishikori ? Yuki? Hoshimori Kaoru ? Yamada? Hagoromo Tsujigata ? Spotted Setuna? Minami-Chitoto ? Kana Nanda? Ayaka Okada ? Machina? Satake Uki ? Deus? Teru Ikuta


Screenplay? Naruse Yusei ? Directing? Ryo Matsuda


2020/4/30 (Thu) 〜2020/5/6 (Wed)

4/30 (Thursday) 19:00
05/01 (Friday) 13:00 / 18:00
05/02 (Saturday) 13:00 / 18:00
05/03 (Sun) 13:00 /18:00 0
May 04 (Mon)13:00 / 18:00
05/05/05/05/05/00/05/06 (Wed/Holiday) 12:30 / 16:30
>05/06 ;

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All seats reserved (with benefits): 10,000 yen
All seats reserved (normal): 8,500 yen
(advance and tax included)

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