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blue">[Important] Information on holding performances(Updated On March 16)

With regard to Azumi-Sengoku Hen, we decided to postpone the first day of the event scheduled for March 14th tomorrow, and to cancel some performances [March 14 to March 19].
Performances after March 20 will be decided based on the future situation.

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Fourth generation Azumi is Yui Imaizumi!
Azumi, a girl who lives strongly by herself while standing on the harsh mission of thugs and confronting the tough men in the turbulent Warring States period. The story that approaches the chest, and the killing camp full of a sense of speed. We will deliver a high-quality masterpiece with a renewed cast.

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Imaizumi Yui ? Toshiki Seto ? Kaoru Kaminaga ? Junya Komatsu ? Tomonori Yoshida ? Ryo Yamamoto ? Minoru Arimori ? Other? W cast? Ally Ryosuke "k ERyuki"


Original? Yu Koyama?? u Azumi" Shogakukan publication? ? Composition and directing? Shunichi Okamura


2020/3/14 (Sat) 〜2020/3/29 (Sun)

Note: Performances
Tuesday, March 17 18:00-
Wed., March 18, 13:00-lt;br/>03/19 (Thursday) 18:00 0-lt;br />Friday, March 20th 18:00
6 people total 24 people

-See-off party (please check the official website for details)
Please understand in advance.

Ticket Fee

24名限定!A席8,500円 → 【指定席引換券】7,300円さらに500Pゲット!

+ Ticketing Fee


Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon


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Please understand.

(Preschool children are not allowed to enter

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