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[a synopsis]
stage bad causality
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. The ruthless and iron-walled Tsubonaga is a dictator and takes control of the country one after another with his military power. From around, he was feared to be a brutal demon. But behind it was a cowardly, small-minded person's true face. At one point, he makes a terrible decision out of his own fear. What is the decision

The assassination of my real brother (Tokunaga)...

A brother who plots to assassinate in contrast to his brother's desire for peace. The fate of this brother is、、、 a [

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Kentaro Akizawa ? Kyohei Kushita ? Shogo Yoshida ? Hiroki Sato ? Sho Toda ? Emi Kushita ? Takuya Ohara ? Kentaro Kanezaki ? Other


Script/Director? Ming-kan Hayashi


2020/3/4 (Wed) 〜2020/3/8 (Sun)

Note: Performances
Wed., March 04 19:00
Thursday, March 05 14:0★0 / 19:00
Friday, March 06 14:0★0 / 19:00
Saturday, March 07 14:00★ / 18:00
2-6 people each 26 people
★ after talk show held
Based on the current corona situation, we will put the safety of the cast and the customer first, and we are sorry to inform you that the high-touch meeting will be cancelled.
We will hold an after-talk show instead.

[Aftertalk Combination]
3/5 (Thu) 14:00 MC: Emi Kushita
Kentaro Akizawa, Kyohei Yoshida, Hiroki Sato, Sho Toda, Kentaro Kanesaki <>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&3/6 (Fri) 14:00 MC: Emi Kushita
Kentaro Akizawa, Kyohei Kushita, Shogo Yoshida, Haruka Ohara, Takuya Ohara, Kentaro Kanesaki
3/7 (Fri)14:00 MC: Emi Kushita
Kentaro Akizawa, Kyohei Kushita, Shogo Yoshida, Haruka Ohara, Akito Kasahara, Kentaro Kanesaki
(>Please confirm and purchase.) )
Watanabe Shinyu/4th 19:00, 5th 19:00, 6th 14:00, 7th 18:00
Goto Kaoru The doors open 30 minutes before the show starts on the 5th at 14:00, the 6th 19:00, the 7th at 14:00, and the 8th at 14:00

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26 people only! 7,800 yen ->[Reserved seat voucher]6,700 yen#d30404>>500Pget!
(Confetti Special Price Tickets are not available for performers)

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[Reserved seat voucher]
Please exchange the seat ticket at the reception one hour before the start of the performance on the day.
We may not be able to provide consecutive seats. Please be aware of this.

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