Yoshiyo Nakamichi "Schumann 300 Days of The Story" 2nd
Endless Stories : A Flying Fantasy with Kazuhito Yamane, Taisuke Toyoshima, And Kotaro Tomioka

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Schumann's happy days symbolizes chamber music
Schumann series of Nakamichi Yoshiyo, the second time will present a chamber music work.
The co-stars are gorgeous members of Kazuhito Yamane, Taisuke Toyoshima and Ryotaro Tomioka!
For Schumann, a masterpiece created in 1842 called "Year of Chamber Music" and a famous piano quartet are presented in a variety of musical instrument combinations, a dazzling romanticism.

All Schumann Programbr />Adagio and Allegro (Cello & Piano)
Fantasy Pieces (Cello & Piano)
Violin Sonata No.1 (Violin & Piano)
Fairy Picture Book (Viola & Piano)
Piano Quartet

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Piano? Yoshiyo Nakamichi ? Violin? Kazuhito Yamane ? Viola? Taisuke Toyoshima ? Cello? Ryotaro Tomioka



2020/4/4 (Sat)

4/4 (Saturday) 17:00

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8名限定!S席5,500円 → 4,200円さらに300Pゲット!

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Philia Hall


Note: Performances
Saturday, April 04 17:00 8 people
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