Fukagawa Noh stage
Takashi Shibata Noh Festival "Yamato"

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Noh "Yamato"
Dance "Tetsuwa" Dance "Oeyama"
Kyogen "Nariage"

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Takashi Shibata ? Yoshiyuki Kanze ? Yoshimasa Kanze ? Yusai Nomura


Takashi Shibata


2020/5/30 (Sat)

Dance 14:15
Kyogen 14:30
Break 14:45
Noh 15:00
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Ticket Fee

S seat (front) (advance sale): 7,500 yen
A seat (front of the side and part in front) (advance sale): 6,500 yen
free seat (middle front) (front) (advance) 5,>A seat 500 yen
Student seat (medium front) (advance sale): 3,000 yen
1,000 yen discount! S seat s 7,500 yen -> font color"#d30404">Confetti seat 6,500 yen! br />(including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


25th Kanze Sakon Memorial Kanze Noh Theater


Organizations Overview

Fukagawa Noh Stage (Representative: Kanze-ryu Noh performer Takashi Shibata)

1971. Studied under Yoshiyuki Kanze. He is a member of the Noh Association.
He has appeared on many stages, including kanze-kuyukai and the Midorisenkai, and has also been involved in many new works and overseas performances.
"Doseiji", "Mochizuki" and "Ataka".
Set up the Fukagawa Noh Stage in Fukagawa, downtown, and perform "Noh dedication" at the Fukagawa Hachiman Festival, one of the three major festivals of Edo, and strive for noh activities and Noh dissemination activities. Since 2010, he has hosted his own performance , The Noh Festival.
The chair of the song-singing class "Keikai".
Introductory course "Noh Salon"
Meiji University Noh Research Department.
Singapore Drama School "Intercultural Theatre Institute" Noh Instructor


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