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The Life of Sado Island and Other Yoshi

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this is namihana no men's road!
Laughing and laughing, you can cry a lot
Human power Sadao, other Ayan's way of life, I saw!

Straight play and musical, all of the works he works on are highly acclaimed, the most reliable director, Shintaro Mori. Mori re-tagged Sasaki Kuranosuke as the PARCO Theater Opening Series, and challenges the challenge of "The Life of Sadojima and Other Yoshi" is a masterpiece of human comedy loved by Showa's famous actor, Mori Shigehisa.
The story of Osaka's human power Sadao, others, Sado island and other Yoshi family surviving in a dignified way while being at the mercy of the waves of the times. This is a drama about the life of a man in the wild, wild, who ran through the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras with will and humanity.
A masterpiece of humanity that premiered in 1959 based on The Novel "Our Town" by Sakunosuke Oda.
The legendary masterpiece is a powerful tag of Sasaki Kuranosuke x Mori Shintaro, and it will be renewed in the new Parco Theater!

The main character, Hitoo, and Yoshichi Sasaki will be showing off their Kansai dialect on stage. Since Yoshi to go back from the Philippines, Akira Ishida of the comedy duo NON STYLE has been in charge of the role of a man-to-year-old samurai, Tsujidanji, who has been consulting with him in the Kappa Alley in Osaka. It is Soichi Ho of the former Takarazuka top star who plays two women that other yoshi thinks. While Yoshi yoshi is working in the Philippines to launch a flag, Ms. Yoshiko Matsunaga of nylon 100 degrees C is the role of his wife, Otsuru, who was left in Japan. Mizuki Tanimura, the daughter of Yoshi and Tsuru, plays the role of Hatsue, who is also active in movies and television.
Ryoko Fujino, who is the daughter of Hatsue and was the granddaughter of Yoshi's granddaughter, won the Newcomer's Award for his role in the movie "Solomon's Perjury" and won popularity among tea ceremonies in the NHK serial TV novel "Hiyoko". In the role of tachibana Tamado, a young activity valve engineer, the comedy duo Dainoji's Daichi Yosuke, who has become a world leader in air guitar art and has recently been active in theater. Shinichi Fukumoto of the theater company trumpet shop in the turtle role of the Kiserya, the wife role, also in the theater company Trumpet ya Konaka Maki, in the role of the wife in the house after the barber shop, the movie "Don't stop the camera! The late-blooming actress Acorn, who played the role of a producer of the zombie channel in] and suddenly joined the ranks of celebrities, and his son Keikichi role is a high-profile young Shusaku Uekawa who played the role of Naiki-kun in NHK serial TV novel "Manpuku", and other Yoshi and Tsujidanji The main cast, with the veteran talented actor Yasushi Yinyama, and the main cast, is mostly from the Kansai area, and the powerful story of the people living there on the stage of Osaka's poor tenement house at that time is spun with plenty of realism.

A man-husband who left his wife and children in Japan to fly in Japan and was engaged in road construction in Benget, Philippines (Sasaki Kuranosuke). The other ayan-an of the so-called Benget was a very violent boy among the rough-and-mentioned co-workers who workthered there. However, it is decided that the fight with the white person in the place is deported to Japan by the origin one day. It was a good break-up from Shizuko (Soichi Ho) of Yuki-san who had known each other there and communicated the heart though it was other good luck that there was no regret to leave the place.
After a while, I returned to the house of Nagaya in the riverside alley (Gabaroji) which was garbage in Osaka. His wife, Tsuru (Matsunaga Kyoko), who had been waiting for her husband, and her young daughter Hatsue, blame the head of the family who left them alone as soon as they met with other yoshi. It was two people who were pleased with the other good luck who declared that it became a human power husband for two people from now on, but the wife's vine died of the sickness soon. Even so, while borrowing the support of the people of the tenea, such as the neighboring family of Tsujiya Danji (Akira Ishida), Other Yoshi continues to work as a sadao for the only daughter left behind.
His grown-up daughter Hatsue (Mizuki Tanimura) became a good friend with Shintaro, the son of a neighbor, and Shintaro set up a new shop while borrowing money, and they began to grow as husband and wife. Other Yoshi also continues to work to blame the body still to try to play a part in the debt repayment of the daughter couple. However, Shintaro and Hatsue's shop were caught up in the fire of the neighboring house.

From 1868 to 1946, this is a great-life performance depicting the humanity of "other ayan" living in a nagaya in osaka's Kappa alley, with laughter and tears.

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Kuranosuke Sasaki ? Akira Ishida?? ON STYLE? Soichi Sails ? Mizuki Tanimura ? Kyoko Matsunaga ? Ryoko Fujino ? Yosuke Daichi?? _Inoji? Maki Hironaka ? Shinichi Fukumoto ? Shusaku Kamikawa ? Acorn? Yasushi Yinyama ? Fumito Yamano ? Other


Original? Oda Sakunosuke?? from u my town? Screenplay? Ryuji Shiina ? A rich color? Hisaya Morishige ? Directing? Shintaro Mori


2020/5/13 (Wed) 〜2020/6/7 (Sun)

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