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A quarter of a century of Shakespeare Company looking back on music. And to Taga Jo (Mirai)
Shakespeare Hot Springs

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A tour of Onsen, which traces Shakespeare's 25-year history. Mainly the theme song performance of the representative work, the reading of the Shakespeare's name line of Tohoku dialect ,the back story of the play making, etc. will be added and delivered with a lot of contents. Whether you've seen the works so far or for the first time, you can enjoy the music bath together.

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Playing? Shigeaki Hashimoto?? Ey.? Makiko Yazawa?? L.? Aoi? U.? Aoi? R.? ? Readings? Shakespeare Company ? Talk? Kazuya Shimodate


Supervision? Kazuya Shimodate ? Directing? Koichi Iwazumi ? Lighting? Kazuyuki Yamazawa ? Acoustic? Kotaro Tsujitama?? L-limited company concert?


2020/4/4 (Sat) 〜2020/4/5 (Sun)

Saturday, April 4, 17:30
Sunday, April 5, 14:00


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All seats are free (general): 2,500 yen
All seats are free (middle, high, and college students): 1,000 yen
(including tax)

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Tagajo Civic Hall Small Hall


Organizations Overview

With the dream of building a theater, it was established in Sendai in 1992 and presented Shakespeare's adaptations that take advantage of the language and history of the Tohoku region. We have performed in Various Parts of Tohoku, Tokyo, Sapporo, and the United Kingdom. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, I traveled around the disaster area with the "Short and Interesting Shakespeare" series. It is a theater company that travels from a small local town to England in a play of the Tohoku dialect.


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