Tokiwo Ikiru
Tokiwo Ikil VS Universal Glove Galapagos Dynamos
Rubber Soul!

Postponed performance

Performance content

Due to the occurrence and outbreak of the new coronavirus, the park plaza hall was closed and postponed. We will inform you again when the schedule and details have been decided.
We apologize to all guests who have been looking forward to seeing the show.


A table tennis dojo in a deserted shopping street.
The owner of the hospital bed leaves a will to the four sisters who are grandchildren and leaves the world.
"Give away the dojo to the one that won the table tennis showdown.
I want to liven up the table tennis hall of memories again, i want to have my own shop which was a dream to renovate it.
Eldest daughter, Haruharu, second daughter, Nachi, Three Daughters, Ako, Four Daughters, Winter,
Four People/> Four Sisters, while various speculations are mixed, four sisters who work hard to make a team.
And finally, the day of the decisive battle is coming.!

Who's winning? The climax is a showdown with Gachinko Table Tennis on stage.
A multi-ending in which the last episode changes depending on the performance and the winning team.
Your cheers will influence the end of the story. Maybe.

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[Universal Globe Galapagos]? ♂. 山祐香里縲°CR崎瑞穂縲°Cト田伊吹縲*?ヤ銀智縲@F田宗大縲§e野紗衣縲′テ賀駿作 ? [Tokiwoikill] Naoko Hara?? Excluding The 10th of July, ♀, Makoto ♀, Koji,Yu-ye-ye-ye-ye-ya-ya-y♀a-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya-ya Matsuso Ai... Helu-e-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta- Only the 10th of July?


Producer? Tomoya Onuma?? W-Yob Net? Stage director? Atsushi Yagi?? W-Yob Net? Stage art? Hiroshi Ichioka?? W Yankland? Lighting? Katsuyuki Ota?? L-limited company Sam? Propaganda art? Kantaro Fujio ? Production? 2020 "Rubber Soul! Executive Committee


2020/4/9 (Thu) 〜2020/4/12 (Sun)

Thursday, April 9, 19:00
Friday, April 10, 14:00/19:00
Saturday, April 11, 13:00/18:00
Sunday, April 12, 12:00/16:30:30<>

Ticket Fee

Advance sale: S seat 4,500 yen, A seat 4,000 yen, (weekday lunch 500 yen discount)
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Pon Plaza Hall


Organizations Overview

[All-purpose Globe Galapagos]
Developed a consistent one-situation comedy from the launch of 2005. His precise laughter and bold storydevelopment have earned high praise not only for stage participants, but also for those who have never seen theater of any generation. Based on the stage performance of the pace twice a year, tour performances are held every year, and advance tickets are sold out in various places, and its popularity is not limited to Fukuoka.
It is also a creative group that transmits content in various forms, such as creating radio programs and video works, performing on TV and radio, narrating CM, and hosting and participating in events in various places.

[Tokiwo Ikir]
Formed mainly with graduate members of the 2017 Kyushu idol group LinQ. A new girl entertainment group that sings, dances, performs and unfolds only with women. He has been active mainly on the stage, and has held six performances, three reading plays, and two collaboration performances with a theater company in Tokyo in just two years, and in recent performances, all performances are sold out, and the momentum does not stop.
Sexy? Are you cute? The personality of the members is a heavy traffic jam. It's messy but exciting! Welcome to Tokiwo Ikiru's Swamp!!


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