Takarazuka Revue Hana-Gumi Performance
Musical Romance "Ikara-san Passes through" Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

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"Ikara-san passes"
Original/Yamato Kazuki "Ikara-san Passes" (Kodansha KCDX Dessert)
(c) Kazunori Yamato / Kodansha
Screenplay /B>

;;>;;br The girl manga "Ikara-san passes" written by Kazunori Yamato, serialized in "Weekly Girl Friend" from 1975 to 77, is set in Tokyo, and Ijuin Shinobu, a young army lieutenant who is a hideous and laughing man, This is a love story of a turbulent manjo that unfolds by a cheerful female student, Berio Hanamura, called Ikara-san. It is a masterpiece of romantic comedy that continues to be loved throughout the ages, such as animated TV in 1978, then made into a live-action movie and drama, and theatrical animation is released in 2017.
Takarazuka Revue was performed in Theater Drama City and the Japan Youth Hall in 2017 with a flower group centered on Ayaka mitsu and Yuki Hana, and the stage that embodied the world of works was very popular. As a presentation performance of Ayaka and Hana, who will be the new top combination of Hana-Gumi, the re-enactment of "Ikara-san passes" is decided this time. In addition to the more gorgeous stage, we will also deliver a new finale number incorporating the charm of the new Hana-Gumi. Please look forward to the "Ikara-san passes" to deliver dramatically, power up.

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Ayaka Hikaru ? Yuki Hana ? Other



2020/5/8 (Fri) 〜2020/6/14 (Sun)

Note: Performances
Wed., May 13 13:30[A]
Saturday, May 16 15:30[B]
Thursday, May 28 13:30[][Wed.) B]
Friday, June 12 13:30[B]

> Two patterns of Roman version] will be carried out on a daily basis.
[A].Taisho version/[B].Roman version

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In the Takarazuka Revue, all the performers have declined the delivery of flowers.

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