Broadway Musical "West Side Story" Season3 (Japanese Cast)

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The stage is on the West Side of Manhattan, New York in the late 1950s. Across Central Park, the East Side is an upscale residential area, and on the West Side is a story of a time when many immigrants lived.
At this time, New York was a time when many immigrants from all over the world gathered for dreams and wealth. They each form a gang group and are hostile to each other. But Tony, a Polish immigrant, and Maria, a Puerto Rican immigrant, happen to meet and fall in love with each other. Forbidden love involves many people and creates a chain of tragedy.

A work inspired by Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. It's a work that's in love to survive in the world of prejudice and violence, says Arthur Lorenz, the screenwriter of the film.

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Tony? Kenji Urai?? Cast?♀'s 'Sawa Hayato?? Cast?? Maria? Ayaka Sakurai?? Cast? Cast?? Anita? Sonim?? Cast? Cast?? Riff? Kazuki Kato?? Cast? Cast?? Bernardo? Oguri?? Cast @L? Cast?? Schrank? Masato Nakamura ? Clapki? Kong Shibata ? Glad hand? Let's do it, isn't it?? Cast? E-ske?? Cast?? Doc? Moro Shioka ? The Jets & The Sharks? Yusuke Anazawa Shingo H Fujihiro Yume. 健流縲"ヨ藤准一郎縲"?ェ征矢縲"lエ紳輔縲%c極翼縲%穴ヤ一貴縲&x永雄翔縲"ェ岸澄宜縲°エ田康縲#ゥ山翔太縲¢O原雅樹縲°{河愛一郎縲◆ヌ越葉菜縲∴ノ藤かの子縲∴苡辮^由子縲%燗c百合香縲¢蜻ラ司桃子縲"。 野晶乃縲°C?苳苴?縲@髢リさあや縲%c中里佳縲≫?ツひとみ縲*?$「奈縲°CR崎朱菜縲§e坂美帆


Draft? Jerome Robbins ? Screenplay? Arthur Lorenz ? Music? Leonard Bernstein ? Lyrics? Stephen Sondheim ? Directing & Choreography at Premiere? Jerome Robbins


2020/4/1 (Wed) 〜2020/5/31 (Sun)

Friday, April 03 18:30 [Yato Sasazawa, Rokuka Ihara, Sonin, Kazuki Kato, Oguri, Yusuke Tsujio]
4/09 (Thursday) 13:30 [Yato Kuwasawa, Rokuka Ihara, Sonin, Kimura Achievement, Yutaro Arisawa, Yusuke Tsujio]
04/11 (Sat) 17:30 [Yato Kuwasawa, Ayaka Sakurai, Sonin) , Kimura Achievement, Oguri, Yatsuki Ichiro]
Saturday, April 18, 17:30 [Kenji Urai, Ayaka Sakurai, Ne Ne Yumesaki, Kazuki Kato, Ryotaro Arisawa, Yatsuki Ichiro]
April 22 (Wed) 18:30 [Ken Urai) Osamu, Sakurai Ayaka, Sonin, Kimura Achievement, Oguri, Yatsuki Ichiro]
Saturday, April 25, 17:30 [Yuto Sasazawa, Ayaka Sakurai, Sonin, Kazuki Kato, Yutaro Arisawa, Yatsuchiro]
April 29 (Wed./Holiday) 17:30 [Kenji Urai, Ayaka Sakurai, Sonin, Kazuki Kato, Yutaro Arisawa, Ichiro Yatsuki]
05/05/05/05/05(Fri)13:30 [Yato Sasazawa, Yuka Sakurai, Sonin, Kimura Achievement, Arishima Taro, Ya Ichikaro]
Monday, May 18, 13:30 [Kenji Urai, Rokuka Ihara, Sonin, Kazuki Kato, Oguri, Yusuke Tsujio]
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Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

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Please understand when you change the performer sand schedule. Even if the performer changes, we cannot change or refund to another day.
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