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>This time, the theater unit "unrato"<
This time, the theater unit "unrato" Topia Co., Ltd. will perform the play "Winter Era" by Junji Kinoshita at the Tokyo Theater of The Arts West in March 2020.

The Great Rebellion (1910) was called the "winter era" of the socialist movement for about five years. At this time, Toshihiko Tsuji founded the "Selling Society", and Arahata Samumura and Osugi Sakae published the magazine "Modern Thought" and worked hard to move the world through words, focusing not only on social movements but also on cultural movements.
In "Winter Age", real people such as Toshihiko Tsuji, Sakae Osugi, Kanmura Arahata, and Noe Ito appear in different names.
In the wave of Taisho Democracy, they thought, conflicted, and acted. Young, they fight with society and themselves, and they get the feeling of living. We show and discuss unbridled love and life with actions, and accumulate thoughts on art and philosophy.

The first performance at the theater company Minjo was held in 1964, the year of the Tokyo Olympics. This story will be staged in 2020, when the second Tokyo Olympics will be held.
In today's Japan, like the "winter era" in which they lived, I feel that the sense of blockage is increasing day by day.
We who live in the present already know the end of the character's life.
That's why I think there's something to learn from their lives.
I would like to question modern society and lead to the future by reviewing the appearance of them who insisted and continued to fight as expressionists.

Toshihiko Tsuji is a model, and the role of Trigolin of the new National Theatre "Seagull" (directed by Hiromi Suzuki) is also
The new Suga Takaya in memory, Daisugi Sakae is the model of Shiburoku In the wind, such as [Hamlet] (directed by Shintaro Mori)
Akito Miyazaki who is active in various stages, the wife of Shiburoku is a former Yukigumi top star of Takarazuka Revue in recent years "Le P&#232;re father"
( Raislas Sholer directed) will greet the so-ichi sail to play an active part in straight play, such as.
In addition, there are many other casts that are rich in personality.

This performance focuses on young casts in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are close to the real age of the characters.
I would like to challenge the stories of intelligent and passionate young people with a young contemporary cast in a dense space in a small theater.

<The stage is a room of "Selling Sha" founded by Shiburoku after the Great Rebellion Incident (1910).
We have received a series of requests from here and there, such as ninjutsu books and advertising creation. Under the president of Rakuten, Shiburoku, there are many employees, including
shows, nogi, profane han, deb, and literature. A tumultuous society, a love affair of the style.
The wife reads out the flag-raising declaration of the magazine "New Society". This is a powerful story about young expressionists who continue to act into the future.

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Takaya Suga ? Akito Miyazaki ? Soichi Sails ? Aoyagi Songo ? Tsutomu Ikeda ? Tokihide Wakabayashi ? Yohei Yuki ? Yamashita Raimai ? Gomitsu Mizoguchi ? Sena Totsuka ? Haruyo Kobayashi ? Sato Hotaru ? Hiroro Inoue ? Yoko Hathida ? Tatsuzo Aoyama


Work? Junji Kinoshita ? Directing? Naoko Okochi ? Planning and production? unrato (Anne Rut)


2020/3/20 (Fri) 〜2020/3/29 (Sun)

Note: Performances
Tuesday, March 24 18:00
Wed., March 25 18:00
03/2 6th (Thu) 18:00
10 people each 30 people

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