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Once upon a time.
Sanzo Hoshi and [Genso] set out for the land of the far west [Tengu] in search of scriptures to save people. After overcoming many hardships with the accompanying youkai, the party finally reached Tengu.

... But their story was not over.

a few years later.
Born from rocks, the youkai of monkeys that boasts the strength of the Warriors [Son Goku] suddenly produced a large amount of alternation and disappeared. All that was left was his words, which were overwritten by the scriptures.

[Fight ingbody, the last person who survived is a new son Goku! ]

Now... Fierce Battle Royale of the alterees involving the world begins!

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Kaori Ito ? Sayaka Tsuji ? Hasegawa towa ? Yuka Kurata ? Yuichi Zaizen ? Kohei Wakamoto ? Ayachie Maruyama ? Sayaka Nishi ? Miho Ring ? Akari Emura ? Miki Sano ? Yori Ohashi ? Do you want to do that? Hideyuki Orikasa ? Makoto Iida ? Aisu Kaoru ? Isiten ? Aya Kuyama ? Mio Heianza ? Kana Kachi ? Sekiguchi Fude ? Ryoma Tanizawa ? Yasuomi Hira


Written and directed? Yasuomi Hira ? Stage director? Ryuji Okada ? Acoustic? Takizawa Naoki?? Orte Sound? Lighting? Ryuta Akamoto ? Art? Yumiko Hagino?? Awappa-chan's house? Picture? FFQ ? Design? Mie Iizuka ? Killing guidance? Yoshio Osawa ? Production? Aoi-tei Planning


2020/2/26 (Wed) 〜2020/3/1 (Sun)

February 26 (Wed) 19:00 [Muscle Cloud]
Thursday, February 27, 19:00 [Nyoi bar]
Friday, February 28 13:00 [Sujiun] 18:30 [Iyobo]
February 29 (Sat) 13:00 [Nyoibo] 18:30 [Suji-no-Yun]
March 01 (Sun) 12:00 [Suji-no-un] 15:30 [Nyo-no-bo]


Ticket Fee

自由席5,000円より1,000円引き!5,000円 → カンフェティ席 4,000円!

+ Ticketing Fee


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Note: Registration is scheduled to start 45 minutes before the start of the show, and 30 minutes before the start of the reception.
Please understand in advance.
Please come in time.
For passengers with disabilities
If you are visiting in a wheelchair, it will be a theater at the place to guide you here. Please understand.
If you are looking for a designated ticket for the front area due to the structure of the venue, please visit the site where you can guide you to the stairs walking alone and long distance walking.

Organizations Overview

It is a plan that "Artist, Yasuomi Hira" creates a
entertainment space under the theme of "Kokoro no Manpuku".
We will deliver the stage, live, video, music, and various expressions without any boundary.


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