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2019/2020 Season
Opera "Salome" / Richard Strauss
Salome/Richard STRAUSS
All 1 Act [German performance / with Japanese and English subtitles]
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What Salome who danced to bewitching wanted is... The impact work of sensuality and perversion!

Composer serpart of the late Romanticism R. Strauss's shocking masterpiece. Oscar Wilde's play "Salome" based on the new Testament's illustrations. Strauss operated with colorful music. As soon as the decadence and aesthetic content was premiered, it received a great response, and it became Strauss's opera success. The stage of all acts is full of rich melodies and bold dissonance, and there is no time to breathe in the dense drama full of tension. The production by the late Eferding is an excellent work with a huge old well in the center of the stage, and since the premiere of the New National Theatre in 2000, it has been re-enacted, and this is the seventh performance.

Strauss' most acclaimed Trins conductor, the title roll of Alex Penda (Alexandrina Penda Chanceska), who is highly highly expressive, as heroic There will be Herdentenor Ian Storay, Herodias will be starring Jennifer Rahmore, who became a big hit with "Yenufa" Costernica, and Johannaan will be played by Wagner and Thomas Tomason, who is a big success in the Russian repertoire.

Circa 30 AD. On the evening when the eerie moon rises, a feast is held at the palace of the lord Herod. Herod's daughter-in-law Salome is disgusted by Herod's nasty gaze and the boredom of the feast, and comes out.
The Guards chief Nara Boat, who is in love with Salome, celebrates this evening that she looks even more shining, but her small family name has an ominous premonition. Then, from the old well in the garden, a voice says, "The day when the savior appears has finally come." It was the voice of the prophet Johanne.
He has been confined to an old well for denouncing Salome's mother Herodias, but is also feared by Herod. Interested Salome orders Nara Boat to bring Johannan.
Johannan, who came out of the old well, lashed out at the sins of the fallen Herodias, but Salome was completely fascinated. Salome asks Johannan to kiss him, but he refuses.
The more Narra Boat commits suicide because he can't stand the scene, Salome asks for a kiss many times, but Johannan returns to the old well, saying, "Cursed."

Herod invites Salome to the banquet, drink sake together, sit down next to him, but Salome refuses. Johannan eerily said, "The day has finally come," and the Jews wreak up controversy about God and the prophet.
Herod asks Salome to dance. Salome hates it, but is said to "do whatever he wants as a reward" and performs a bewitching dance.
What Salome demanded after dancing was Johannan's neck. Herod accepts his desire because Salome does not change his demands no matter how fearful Herod may be.
Yohanaon's neck is carried in a silver tray. Salome who received it kisses Johanne and makes it a kite. Too frightening, Herod ordered the soldiers to kill Salome.

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Salome? Alex Penda ? Herod? Ian Storay ? Herodiaz? Jennifer Larmore ? Yohanane? Thomas Thomas ? Nara boat? Associate Suzuki ? Herodias's family name? Kyoko Kano ? Five Jews one? Yogi Takumi ? Five Jews two? Hideyuki Aoji ? Five Jews three? Kamo Shimogo ? Five Jews four? Shuhei Itoga ? Five Jews? Shigeru Sasayama ? Two Nazareth ones? Yoshihiko Kitagawa ? Two Nazareth s2? Naoyuki Akitani ? Two soldiers one? Junichi Kaneko ? Two soldiers two? Hiroshi Kaneko ? Cappadociapeople? Tomokiyo Takashi ? Orchestra? Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


Command? Constantine Trinks ? Directing? August Effarding ? Art and costumes? Jork Zimmermann


2020/5/17 (Sun) 〜2020/5/26 (Tue)

May 17 (Sun) 14:00
Wed., May 20 19:00
Saturday, May 23 14:0★0

Admission after the performance is restricted.
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