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The fall of the Berlin Wall.
A grand experiment in which humans dreamed of utopia,
The big story has come to an end. Thirty years have passed since then.
From machinery to AI, the world is making rapid progress, especially in the United States.
It was a long time ago that we thought that humans could control machines.
What was the dream of mankind?
Based on William Blake's prophetic poem,
The genius Maria Milizavrievich portrays the virtual modern world.
Heidelberg Theatre Festival Playwright Award in 2016,
Nominated for the 2018 Mulheim Theatre Festival.
Japan's first "shaking".

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Junhiko Asai ? Amamiya Daimu ? Ryuichiro Ohashi ? Yusuke Oda ? Toshiki Sasazawa ? Kaoru Hagiwara ? Wataru Nagashima ? Motota Miki ? Wada sound ? Takahisa Sengoku ? Airi Nagano ? Hiroko Nasu ? Kumiko Haraguchi ? Hong Mitama ? Mano season ? Tomoko Yamazaki


Work? Maria Milizavrievich ? Dramaturge? Fumiko Takahashi ? Composition and directing? Yoshinori Koke ? Music? Kunihiro Kazuya ? Stage art? Tomoyuki Ikeda ? Costume? Kyoko Inamura ? Picture? Motota Miki ? Acoustic? Takeshi Shima ? Lighting? Tomoko Makabe ? Propaganda art? Honda♂ Keisuke H ? Stage director? Kaoru Hagiwara ? Production? Akiko Komori, Akiaki Seta, Takako Meo


2020/3/25 (Wed) 〜2020/3/29 (Sun)


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Organizations Overview

Established in 1954 with a focus on the director Tsunetoshi Hiroto, who played a part in japan's new drama activities after the war, he has aimed to be a creative group based on "creating opportunities for human change in theater acts." In 1977, he built the theater "Brecht's Theater" with on the corner in the remote area of Musashiseki, Nerima Ward, Tokyo. In an avant-garde theater with an open space, black box and variable number of seats, about 70 theater members are constantly seeking actual theater, and they are developing activities that are suitable for the times and the world on a scale of 250 to 300 stages per year. After Hirota's death, Yosuke Irie and Sawako Shiga represented the team.
He has performed overseas in Moscow, London, Italy, Vietnam, Korea, Romania, and more. He is also active in cooperating with school theater.


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