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Marie Antoinette, queen of Mourning, and Rosaly, a maid in prison. The story of the grand fate that the two of them talked for the first time on the eve of the queen's execution.
This work premiered in 1998, depicting the lives of two women who lived in the French Revolution, with the theme of the fate of man god gave them. It is a dramatic musical in which 21 powerful musical numbers, such as "Don't Cry," "Alleluya," "To Your Home," "It's A Woman To Make the World," "Masquerade, and July 14," color the story. In March 2020, she was greeted by Sayaka Cotton for the starring Rosalie role and Shiho Okawa as Marie Antoinette, and the new cast decided to perform for the first time in four years. It is the story of the French Revolution presented by the musical seat. Please look forward to it!!

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Cotton pull Sayaka ? Okawa Shiho ? Shinichiro Kogure ? Takaharu Ueda ? Yuki Mizukoshi ? Teju ? Tomoya Fujisawa ? Ryo Isaka ? Sayaka Okamura ? Rei Imaizumi ? Junki Narasaka ? Jibu Daichi ? Toshihiko Ito ? Daisuke Hasegawa ? Masato Hanasaki ? Rika Tanaka ? Yukari Inoue ? Goto Shinro ? Kazuka Yamazaki?? The upper right corner of the saff is a standing character? Yuna Nojima ? Riko Nishi ? Naomi Kataoka ? Kyoko Hori ? Yuki Koyama ? Nozomi Ogawa ? Marina Kanemoto ? Yuhisa Sakaguchi ? Hajime Kotori ? Sachi Fujita ? Asuka Taido ? The flower of The ear of Makihara ? Yu Ito ? Maiu Tatakai ? Masami Komiyama ? Misaki Kaoru ? Manami Shinmei ? Akari Mitsuoka ? Yume Nagasawa ? Other


Composition, arrangement, music director? Hideya Yamaguchi?? Q De is the king's great- Screenplay, lyrics, direction, choreography? Hamanakatoor ? Art? Jun Matsuno ? Costume? Fujisawa ChikaWa Daikiichi ? Lighting? Osamu Ogawa ? Acoustic? Emiko Nakamura ? Props? Marina Kanemoto ? Picture? Tsunodai Shirou ? Stage director? Takeshi Kotani ? Director's assistant? Akie Umezawa x Kyoko Tsuji Tegawa Airi ? Music Director Assistant, Singing Guidance? Riko Nishi ? Hair arrangement? Terukazu 5Dai ? Propaganda art? Shimakurayo ? Production? Masami Komiyama %Junki Kirasaka ? Production assistant? Eri Furukawa ? Casting? Ryo Isaka ? Producer? Toshiaki Takemoto? Yoshinari - Executive Producer ?


2020/3/4 (Wed) 〜2020/3/9 (Mon)

March 4 (Wed) 18:30 (Monthly)
Thursday, March 5th 18:30 Performance (Star-Gumi)
Friday, March 6, 13:00 (Mon-Gumi)/18:30 Performances (Tsuki-Gumi)
Saturday, March 7th 13:00 Performance (Tsuki-Gumi)/18:00 Performance (Hoshi-Gumi)
Sunday, March 8, 13:00 Performance (Hoshi-Gumi)/18:00 Performance (Mon-Gumi)
March 9 (Mon.) 13:00 performance (Star-Gumi) / 18:00 performance (Star-gumi)

Please check the cast's division.

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Organizations Overview

In 1995, a creative musical theater company founded with the aim of presenting and disseminating new musicals in Japan, led by musical writer and director Hamanakatoor. He has produced 45 original musicals, including "Lourdes' Miracle," "Himeyuri," "Where to Go," "Mother Teresa Ai uta," "Nicky," "Marionette," "Trouble Show," and "Time Flies." Recently, he has also focused on performances based in Nagano, and has been well received. In addition, the members of the troupe are also active in various works such as Toho Musical.


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