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Meijiza April 2020 Performance
Musical "Cesare: Creator of Destruction" Performance Decision!!
A blockbuster historical manga with a total of over 1.4 million copies,
Long-awaited musicalization
>>>>>&>&>&>&&&&&>>>>>>lt;font color"darkgreen">The long-awaited stage of the blockbuster historical manga "Cesare: The Creator of Destruction" which gathers support from a wide range of audiences with beautiful drawings and dramatic depictions.
Popular writer ;darkgreen">grand history picture scroll is reborn as a musical.

Starring is a leading figure in musical singing and expressiveness backed by technique <中川晃教>. The co-stars include a wide variety of attractive casts, including musical star, which combines ability, experience and popularity, as well as a remarkable 2.5-dimensional musical.< font color"darkgreen">>up-and-coming actor&/font>. In addition, top-notch staff gathered. The screenplay was written by Takarazuka Revue, who has sent out a number of masterpieces from his band <荻田浩一>. Directed by a unique world view,;. The music is not limited to musicals, but also has a lot of popular works Ken Shima>..

The work is colored by the Renaissance stage set that recreates the ornate townscape>glazing costume, and Written musical song . In Meijiza, we have been working on the first orchestra pit since our founding in 1873, and created a new work as an orthodox musical.

The story of the legendary hero Cesare Borgia. In the spring of 2020, the gorgeous cast and staff will release "Heart-shaking" musical .

Renaissance Dawn. The man destroyed the Middle Ages.
The story of a man fighting with the ambition of unification of all Europe in a disturbing time as it tries to fight.

br />1475, Rome. The Bosian savage Rodrigo is a cardinal of the Vatican, who is not allowed to marry, but is given a boy. The child's name is Cesare Borgia. It was the birth of a man who had a sparkling talent and beauty while being called "the child of sin" and left his name in history dreaming of the unification of Europe, which was swirling with political strife.

1491, when he turned 16, was at Sapienza University in Pisa. On campus, students such as the Fiorentina group led by the Medici family Giovanni, the belligerable French team, and the Spanish team led by Cesare, are holding each other in check for each place of their hometown. It was like seeing the royal nobles of the countries actually fighting for supremacy on the Italian peninsula.

At that time, the time of pope Innocentius VIII's collapse was approaching in the Vatican, and a faction algenchering the next Pope's election was under way. Rodrigo and his nemesis Giuliano della Rovere, who are in great contention for the holy seat of the Pope, the highest christian ity. Cesare puts himself in a brain battle to bring his father to the pope's seat and to realize his ideals beyond that. The first step is to entangle Raffaere Riario, the archbishop of Pisa, who is the key to the election. In addition, in order to obtain the vote of Giovanni, who is promised the seat of the cardinal who has the right to vote, it was planned to deepen ties with the Medici family.

Can Cesare overcome the battle of knowledge and power as each speculation intersects?

>>>>>><>&★ ★ gt;<>>><>>>><>>>>>>>>

Results announcement: Thursday, February 6 <結果メール送信済>

Ticketing period
7-Eleven payment: February 6 (Thursday) After notification of winning results 23:59
Payment: February 10 (Mon) 10:00- Credit card available until the day of the performance

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Nakagawa Confucianism ? Shuntaro Miyao ? Ryo Matsuda?? Zhao Shi ? Ryo Hirano?? Zhao Shi ? Yuki Izawa?? Zhao Shi ? Katsuya Suzuki?? Zhao Shi ? Daiki Yamazaki?? Zhao Shi ? Yujiro Kazama?? Zhao Shi ? Toshiy???a Kondo Group Patch/ ? Kiya Kido?? Zhao Shi ? Shusuke Tochio?? Zhao Shi ? Yuki Yamaoki?? Zhao Shi ? Ryotaro Kosaka ? Ryo Kobayashi ? Teruyama Tate ? Hayato Adachi ? Yuichi Takeoka ? Masaaki Fujioka ? Takuya Ima ? Harumi Hillyama ? Daisuke Yokoyama ? Kojiro Oka ? Tetsuya Bessho ? Other? W Cast (Squadra Rossa) ? W Cast (Squadra Verde)


Original? Winter Fruit?? w Cesare: Creator of Destruction( Kodansha "Morning" series)? ? ?


2020/4/13 (Mon) 〜2020/5/11 (Mon)

4/13 (Mon) 18:30
Tuesday, April 14 18:30
April 15 (Wed) 13:00 lt;br />Sunday, April 19, 12:00,
Monday, April 20, 18:30
Tuesday, April 21 13:00, / 18:30,
04/23 (Thursday) 18:30
Friday, April 24, 13:00, / 18:30,
04/25 (Saturday) 17:00
04/26 (Sun) 12:00
04/27 (Mon) 13:00 30'
Thursday, April 30 18:30
Friday, May 01 13:00 , / 18:30 ,
05/02 (Sat) 12:00 / 17:00
May 03 (Sun/Holiday) 12:00-
05/05/05(Tue/Holiday) 12:00/ 17:00
05/06 (Wed/Holiday) 17:00
05/07 (Thu) 12:00 br />Saturday, May 09, 12:00 / 17:00,
Sunday, May 10, 12:00/ 17:00,
May 11 (Mon) 13:00<>>br;>br;> W Cast: Suadora Rossa (Matsume Kaoru / Hirano Ryo / Izawa Yuki / Suzuki Katsuya)
: W Cast: Squadra Verde (Daiki Yamazaki / Yujiro Kazama / Yoshitoshi Kondo / Kido Kaoru) ya)
-:Aftertalk with

★ NEW!
Aftertalk will be held!
April 15th 13:00 start part
Speaker: Ryo Matsuda, Ryo Hirano, Yuki Izawa, Katsuya Suzuki
April 211 13:00 start part
Speaker: Daiki Yamazaki Yujiro Kazama, Yoshitoshi Kondo
April 24th, 13:00 start part
Speaker: Ryotaro Nakagawa, Shuntaro Miyao, Ryo Hirano, Ryotaro Kosaka, Ryo Kobayashi
May 11 13:00 start part
Speakers: Yoshinori Nakagawa, Daiki Yamazaki, Yujiro Kazama, Yoshitoshi Kondo, Yuya Kido, Masaaki Fujioka

Ticket Fee

S seats: 13,000 yen (first floor seat, 2nd floor front)
A seat: 8,000 yen (second floor seat left and right)
B seats: 6,000 yen (3rd floor seats)
(all seats reserved, tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee




Please refrain from admission to children over 6 years old and 5 years old.

Musical "Cesare: Creator of Destruction"
Organizer: Musical "Cesare" Production Committee
(c) Fuyumin / Kodansha

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<アクセス> Nihonbashi-hama-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2-31-1 Shinjuku Line: Get off at Hamamachi Station Exit A2 exit immediately after exit Hibiya Line: Get off at Dolltown Station Exit A2 exit 7 minutes walk Asakusa Line: Get off at Dollmachi Exit A3 Exit 7 minutes walk


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