The Fourth Night of the Romantic Live Drama Tan "Han Han"

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With the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection
"Roman Life Drama" "The Fourth Night of the Yaman-Han" Notice
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What is the original "Yakan"...

Nohun (I mean I'm not on a fundoshi!) Shiro Yoshihara(Woman's Saei Shishi) and
The police officer of the hot-blooded justice sense, Yamada Mitsujiro (a muscular and unrivaled cat lover),
and the story of Anri Yoshihara, who gives off an invincible sexiness in Shiro's big brother,
Erogro nonsense Showa nostalgic underground case book.

Set in a mysterious town, Phantom Light Town, lined with barracks like ruins,
Mysteries and a variety of gags with melodramas unfold in a unique production.
The latest book "Yatsuhan" volume 12 is now on sale.
br />In March 2016, the Roman live drama "Yakan" and the second night of the Roman drama "Tsuyahan" in December 2017, and the third night of the Roman drama "Yatsuhan" in April 2019.
and February 2020, glossy with full, Roman live drama "Gloss Han" 4th night new sequel decision!

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Shiro Yoshihara? Yoshito Sakurai ? Kojiro Yamada? Takuma Suehara ? Anri Yoshihara? Shun Mikami ? Ippei Daitachi? Shota Onuma ? Lake Kagami? Agasa Okada ? The Rainbow Sea? Shiho Matsushima ? Flower fish? Yoshiyoshi Aoki ? Fishing fire? Naoya Kuwasawa ? Water- or dismay? Yaharu Sakashita ? A seat chair? Ryosuke Kato


Script/Director? Oh, my God. Original? Shogetsuji "Wings" (Shinshokan) Series


2020/2/16 (Sun) 〜2020/3/1 (Sun)

Note: Performances
Monday, February 17 19:00
Tuesday, February 18 19:00
Feb 19 (Wed) 19:00
Friday, February 21 br />February 24 (Mon)18:00
2/26 (Wed) 19:00
02/27 (Thu) 19:00
4-6 people each 30 people
> br />(Doors open 30 minutes before the show startsbr/>
br />

Ticket Fee

30名限定!一般席6,900円(全席指定・税込) → 6,000円 さらに1000Pゲット!(2/14 19時0分更新)
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