NHK Ballet Feast 2020

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A time of great ness that weaves brilliant dance and orchestral research.
The highest-ranking gorgeous performers in Japan gather, just "Feast of Dreams"!

NHK Ballet Feast, where japan's leading ballet companies and ballet dancers gather together across the boundaries of the company.
From classical to contemporary, the gorgeous stage, filled with the charm of ballet art, invites visitors to a world of beauty and excitement.
This time, the top ballet companies in Japan will present their masterpieces and front-line contemporary works full of powerful scenes, masterpieces of classical ballet by Japanese dancers active overseas, and special collaborations by three top dancers from different ballet companies, which were realized as the first attempt of NHK Ballet's feast.
Enjoy the "Feast of Dreams" once a year.


Kim Sejong, Chiharu Kiyoshima, Fukuoka Yudai
quot;quot;3 top dancers gather!
Challenging the work of an up-and-coming choreographer!
Canon in D major
Choreography: Ili Bubenichek Music: Otto Bubeniczek, Pachelbel
Cast: Kim Sejong (First Artist of Tokyo City Ballet)<> Chiharu Kiyoshima (Principal of Maki Asami Bale)
Yudai Fukuoka (Principal, New National Theatre Ballet Company)

Misa Kuranaga> Angelo Greco (Principal of San Francisco Ballet)
The essence of classical ballet is here!
American ballet star debuts at ballet feast!

"The Nutcracker" from Gran Pa de de de/b>
Choreography: Hergi Tomason Music: Tchaikovsky
Sasamatsu Hamada Ballet
The new horizon of dance that is cut out by the eccentric Ekman!
A different space that no one has seen yet appearing on the stage.


Choreography: Alexander Eckman
Music: Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Stein> lt;br />Cast: UN

Tani Momoko Ballet

"Pirate" Highlights

Choreography: Elder Aliyev (based on the Petitpa version)
Music: Addan, Doreb, Dorigo, Sheri lt;br />Cast: Ayumi Nagahashi, Marika Sato, Tomoya Imai, Yuma Miki and others
Morita Aimi & David Moore (Principal of Stuttgart Ballet)
The best-ranked gem in a German traditional ballet company is the first to appear at the feast of the ballet! <
"Swan Lake" to The Black Bird's Pa de de de
br/>Choreography: John Cranko Music: Tchaikovsky

Please understand in advance.

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Canon? Kim Se-jong?? Yuyu V-Ti Ballet First Artist? q Asami Bare Group Principal? V National Theatre Ballet Principal? ? From "The Nutcracker" Gran Pas de Deux? Misa Kuranaga?? Ton Francisco Ballet Principal? Ton Francisco Ballet Principal? ? Momoko Tani Ballet "Pirate" Highlights? Ayumi Nagahashi "I fuji Marika". Itomo-ya-co Kiyuma Kaoru? The Black Bird Pa de de de from "Swan Lake"? Aikai Morita?? V-Tuttgart Ballet Principal? V-Tuttgart Ballet Principal? ? Command? Katsuhiro Ida ? Orchestra? Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


Grand Pas de ux choreography from "The Nutcracker"? Hergi Tomason ? The Sasamatsu Hamada Ballet CACTI Choreography? Alexander Eckman ? Momoko Tani Ballet "Pirate" Highlights Choreography? Elder Aliyev?? based on the v-tipa version? ? The Black Bird Pas de de choreography from "Swan Lake"? John Cranko ? Canon, choreography? Ili Bubenichek


2020/4/5 (Sun)

4/5 (Sunday) Open: 13:00 / Start: 14:00
End schedule: 17:00

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Please refrain from bringing and entering preschool children.

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