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The 8th WorldDream - A Dream of Hope Spreading

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8th World Dream - Expanding Dream of Hope -
Announcement of the date of the postponed performance
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the postponed performance date of "8th World Dream - Dream of Spreading Hope" has been postponed on Sunday, June 20, 2021.

Details of the transfer performance will be announced on the official website (https://worlddreamproject.ball

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>br />>br />>br />Expression and technique and impressive ballet performances "Don Ki" "World Dream - A Dream of Hope" will showcase a wide range of works, from classical ballet to contemporary ballet, including Pa de Doo, which is new to this performance, and original classical and contemporary works created for this performance. In collaboration with musical instruments, which is one of the attempts to perform on World Dream, we have performed original collaborations with live music of various musical instruments such as harp, flute, Japanese drumming, and shamisen. In this performance, we are planning a collaboration between a soprano singer and a piano performance.
"Don Quixote", "Black Bird from Swan Lake", "Allekinada" and "Talysman" from Grand Pa de de
"Giselle" From Act 2 / "Marchinka" / "Tarantera" / Creative Classical Works / Creative Contemporary Works, etc.

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Artistic Director? Mitsuko Nakano ? Choreography/Directing? Jessica McCann s?? g chapter ? Dancer? Nakai Yoshito Sameto Same- Cs Hashi Manki-tsubaki v Hoayaka & C Kei-Mi-ku-mura Naoki-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Sioka-Eno-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya-E-Da-Karen-E-Da-E-Da-Karen-E-Da-E-Karen-E-Da-E-Da-E-Karen-E-Da-E-Daren-E-Da-E-Karen-E-K.P.p.s./B.A.'S.A.E.A.R.S.A.S.A.S.A.R.D.E.D.'S.E.S.A.E.S.S.E.S.E.S.E.S.E.S.E.S.S.E.D.'S.E.S.S.E.D. (Sioka Kengo) Ayu-♂ tei v Ta-Se-Ta Nao ? Soprano? Ryoko Nagano ? Playing the piano? Sanae Onishi


Dancer? Yoshiaki Nakano , Essica McCann ? Stage director? Ryuri Yamamoto ? Lighting? Art Oh Osamu Ono - Acoustics? Tea and Crew ? Water Mind ? Shin STYLE Makoto Takada ? Stage shooting? Wovic Co., Ltd.


2021/6/21 (Mon)



Ticket Fee

先着限定1, 000円割引!S席:8,500円 → カンフェティS席:7,500円!

+ Ticketing Fee


SAYAKA Hall Large Hall (Osaka Sayama City Cultural Center)


Organizations Overview

The World Dream Project is a group of artists formed around professional ballet dancers working in Japan and abroad.
For dancers working overseas, the goal is to give dancers who work in Japan the experience they have cultivated in Japan, and for dancers who are active in Japan, they will be able to share inspiration (stimulation) and information through interaction with dancers based overseas, which will be beneficial for both parties.
We hold a "World Dream" by dancers who have gathered with the desire to create a stage that conveys emotions.

Facebook: worldreamballet
Instagram: worlddreambalet


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