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The 9th Koyukai Concert "War Requiem" by Benjamin Britain

Postponement of the performance

Performance content

In accordance with the Prime Minister's request at the new Coronavirus Infection Control Headquarters announced on February 26, we have decided to postpone the 9th Koyukai Concert Benjamin Britten "War Requiem" on Saturday, March 7 th, in response to the Prime Minister's request at the New Corona Virus Infection Control Headquarters.
We sincerely apologize to all of you who have been looking forward to the performance.

Transfer date is as follows.

August 3 (Mon) Open: 18:15 Start: 19:15 (tentative)

For more information on refunds to customers who wish, please contact
Buyers: Koyukai.


br />This is the 9th koyukai concert that has been working on various themes since the first event in 2000.

This is the 35th anniversary of the conductor's life of music director Ko Matsushita
Benjamin Briten's War Requiem

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Command? Ko Matsushita ? Orchestra? Yokohama Sinfonietta ? Chorus? The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo ?? k friend association? Children's chorus conductor? Emi Sasayama ? Children's chorus? Minamino Kids Singers Samurai Ikura Junior Choir?? w Guide: Totakako Toya? Piano? Katsunori Maeda ? Soprano? Mitsumi Koshikoshi ? Tenor? Toshiaki Murakami ? Baritone? Carlo Kang


Hosted? Koyukai ? Sponsorship? Japan Choral Conductors Association %Yuyu-sChoral Federation


2020/3/7 (Sat)


Ticket Fee

1, 000円割引!SS席(前売):10,000円 → カンフェティSS席:9,000円!
1, 000円割引!S席(前売):8,500円 → カンフェティS席:7,500円!

+ Ticketing Fee


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall (Large Hall)


Organizations Overview

Koyukai is an alliance of 14 choirs, directed by composer and choral conductor Ko Matsushita.
The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo, a mixed chorus by members of the Koyukai, contributes to the inheritance, preservation and development of choral culture, including participation in choral festivals and events, visitperformances to schools and welfare facilities, CD recordings, overseas performances and exchange activities.

2008 The world premiere of "Oh, Nagasaki From Ash to Light" (composed by Robert Chier) based on the atomic bomb of Nagasaki was invited as a choir of the a-bombed countries, and his performance in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, was well received.
2011 with Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra in Shenzhen, China.
2015 Invited performance at an international choral conference hosted by the American Choral Conductors Association ACDA in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA in 2015.
2016 Invited performance at the Busan International Choral Festival and Competition in Korea.
2017 Invited performance at the 50th Wakayama Choral Festival.
2018 performed with the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra at the 24th Frontea New Year Concert.
In addition, the Japanese International Choral Composition Competition, which began in 2015 with the aim of sending out a new repertoire of choral music and further spreading choral music, has a reputation for its high level of quality, including the world premiere at the awards ceremony.


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