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2020/1/12 (Sun) 〜2020/1/26 (Sun)

★ 取扱日程
01 月 12 日 (日) 一日目
01 月 15 日 (水ke) 四日目
01 月 18 日 (土) 七日目
01 月 19 日 (日) 八日目
01 月 22 日 (水ke) 十一日目
01 月 25 日 (土) 十四日目
01 月 26 日 (日) 千秋楽 ※ 1/23 (木) 21:00 〜 特別価格!

Ticket Fee

At the time of purchase, please select the meeting time [12:00 / 15:00] [

Chair seat A seat voucher (one person): 16,800 yen
Chair seat C seat voucher (one person): 11,200 yen
/Seat C seat voucher (one set for 4 people): 65,000 yen

<>>>>>>>b>font color"red">01/26 (Sun) ChiakirakuChair seat A seat voucher (one person): 16,800 yen>11,000 yen!
Chair seat C seat voucher (per person):11,200 yen>>>b>6,000 yen! br />The price includes seat and souvenirs.

All of the above amounts are inclusive of tax

[How to enter]
Meeting time Ryogoku Kokugikan main gate please send the redemption ticket to the person in charge of the voucher.
(Please come to the venue because the staff has a placard that says YK project at the venue on the day.)
For more information, please check the ticket page.

Please contact us at the phone number on the ticket page if you are late.

+ Ticketing Fee


Ryogoku Kokugikan


Note: Tickets are not eligible for the Ticket Repurchase Service.

In addition, there is no child rate setting for reserved seats.
Children under 4 years old must have a ticket if they need a seat.

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