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[Presenting the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth]
Hanako Tanimoto (Violin) x Sari Nakajima (Cello) × Nana Nishimura (Piano) Beethoven Piano Trio Total Zicruz (4 times)

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Beethoven Piano Trio (4 times in total)
●Vol. 1
Sunday, February 16, 15:00
No.2 in G major op.1-2
No.7 in B major op.97 "Grand Duke"
br />Vol. 2
Sunday, September 27, 15:00- 18:15-
No.11 in G major, op.121a "Kakadu Variations"
No.10 in E-flat major, op.44 "Variations of 14 on a Creative Theme"
No.3 in C minor op.1-3

->-br/>Vol. 3
Sunday, December 13, 15:00- 18:15-
No.9 in E flat major WoO38
No.4 in B flat major, op.11 "Song of the City"
No.6 in E-flat major op.70-2
lt;br />●●Vol. 4
Tuesday, February 23, 2021 15:00- 18:15-
No.8 in B flat major WoO39
No.1 in E flat major op.1-1
No. 5 in D major op.70-1 "Ghost"
br />>br />br />Ticket 3,300 yen each time (including tax, free seating, limited 30 seats)
※ From now on, only free seats will be available.
If you have already purchased, you can use it as it is for postponed performances.

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Hanako Tanimoto?? Buy @ Iorin? Sari Nakajima?? 'Elo? Nana Nishimura?? s ano?


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2020/2/16 (Sun) 〜2021/2/23 (Tue)

Sunday, February 16, 15:00
Sunday, September 27, 15:00- / 18:15-
Sunday, December 13, 15:00- / 18:15-
Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 15:00- / 18:15-

30 minutes before the opening.

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1,000円割引!3,300円 → カンフェティ席2,300円!

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Organizations Overview

Ayako Tanimoto (Violin)
Sari Nakajima (Cello)
Nana Nishimura (piano)


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