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Orkestra Classica 9th Subscription Concert

Postponed performance

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I'm very sorry, but we decided to postpone the concert scheduled for April 29 (Wednesday) to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
The schedule for transfer performances is yet to be decided, but it is scheduled for one year. I'll let you know as soon as it's decided.
Your tickets can be used for transfer performances, so please bring them with you.
We'll let you know at a later date how to get a refund.
We look forward to seeing you in the transfer performance.

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"Sound fun in the extreme spring"
A new green holiday, Classica delivers a full course of fun of sound.
"Goldoni Interlude" is a string connoission with contemporary spice sing-alongs to Baroque music. It is a tribute to Goldoni, the founder of italian modern theater. "Old Dance for Lute and Aria No. 1" is a masterpiece that brings italian classics back to the modern. The sound of the harp and harp is also a place to listen. In Haydn's Cello Concerto No. 1, we welcome this master, Suzutaro Kaneko, who is attracted to the orchestra with a lively performance full of musical delights. Haydn's Symphony No. 81 is a masterpiece that shines in a simple composition with a good sense. Please spend a moment washing your heart with good music.
This program is packed with a variety of sound pleasures, with a focus on Haydn, who has the most confidence and attachment. Please stay tuned.

Bossi/Goldoni Interlude
Old dances and arias for Restigi/Lute Vol.
High Don/Cello Concerto No.1 in C major
Haydn/Symphony No. 81 in G major

? Performers
Music Director and Conductor /Omori Yu
A href="http://orchestra-classica.com/aboutus"target=_blank>http://orchestra-classica.com/aboutuslt;br/>
br/>cello solo/kaneko suzutaro

br />br/>* 11/15 (Fri) NHK E-Tele "Lala ♪ Classic" appeared as a member of the hard-line string ensemble "Ishida gumi".

Guest Concertmaster/Aiko Ueshiki
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Music director and conductor? Atsushi Omori ? Cello solo? Suzutaro Kaneko ? Guest Concert master? Yoshiko Ueshiki ? Harpsichord? Ms. Masako Nagahisa ? Harp? Makiko Suzuki


Orkestra Classica Office


2020/4/29 (Wed)

April 29, 2020
13:15 Day tickets and reservation tickets sale sale
13:30 open
br/>13:45 Omori Yupretalk
14:00 start

Ticket Fee

All seats free (advance) 2,000 yen
Confeti-member-only 500 yen discount All seats free (advance): 2,000 yen → Confeti seats (pre-sale) 1,500 yen

+ Ticketing Fee


Edogawa-ku Cultural Center


Organizations Overview

The Chamber Orchestra Orkestra Krasica was launched in December 2013 under the auspices of Yu Omori, the chief oboe player of the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra. He is performing with the support of excellent professional players, mainly ob of the Music Club Orchestra of the University of Tokyo. The aim is to pursue the ideals of orchestra through a natural and free ensemble, featuring classical works centered on Haydn and contemporary works that inherit its essence.


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