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2019/9/8 (Sun) 〜2019/9/22 (Sun)

★ 取扱日程
09 月 14 日 (土) 七日目
09 月 15 日 (日) 八日目
09 月 16 日 (月・祝) 九日目
09 月 18 日 (水ke) 十一日目
09 月 21 日 (土) 十四日目
09 月 22 日 (日) 千秋楽

Ticket Fee

◆At the time of purchase, please select the meeting time [12:00 / 15:00]◆

chair seat a seat redemption ticket (1 person): 16,500 yen
chair seat c seat redemption ticket (1 person): 11,000 yen
Seat c seat redemption ticket (1 pair for 4 persons): 63,800 yen
※The price includes seat charges, bento, yakitori, drinks and souvenirs.

[9/18 (Wed), 21 (Sat)]
Chair Seat A Seat Redemption Ticket (1 person): 16,500 yen → 11,000 yen! >/b>(Tuesday, September 17th) 16:45~)
Chair Seat C Seat Redemption Ticket (1 person): 11,000 yen → 6,000 yen! (Tuesday, September 17th, 16:45~)
※Seating fee and hot water. (Lunch, yakitori, drinks and souvenirs are not included.)

Chair Seat A Seat Redemption Ticket (1 person): 16,500 yen → 11,000 yen! (Friday, September 20th 18:00~)

*All the above amounts are inclusive of tax
>>br/>[How to enter]
Please come to Ryogoku Kokugikan Seimon-mae and present the voucher to the person in charge.
(Please come to the staff because the staff has a placard that says YK planning at the venue on the day. Please check the ticket ticket for details.)

※The pick-up staff is at the meeting place 30 minutes before the opening.
※ Please be punctual.
※ If you are late, please contact the telephone number on the ticket.

+ Ticketing Fee


National Sports Hall of the Two Countries


*This ticket is not eligible for the Ticket Buyback Service.

※4 years and older must have a ticket. There is no child fee for selected seats.
Children under 4 years old also need a ticket if they need a seat.

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