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A popular musical that performed until February of this year and recorded a blockbuster long run. M. Tashiro and Motomoto.
Two actors play two characters, each with an unprecedented cast of each other!!

It's a musical that is small but deeply ingrained in the heart of the heart- Michael Schwar (Associated Press)
A true musical that shakes your heart is the first performance in Japan!
The story of a rare friendship between a writer and a bookclerk who is also home.
Sometimes cheerful, sometimes tearful, sometimes dynamic, music spins the story. He was nominated for four awards, including the 2009 Drama Desk Award for Musical.

_story_lt;br/>>Thomas, a popular short story writer, comes back to his hometown to read the eulogy of his childhood friend Alvin' sudden death. But when the funeral begins, I can't think of a word for Alvin. Then Alvin, who was supposed to be dead, appears in front of him and leads Thomas deep into his heart. There was an endless bookshelf, and there were manuscripts and books that wrote true stories of Thomas's memories and his life. Alvin chooses two stories that are appropriate for his eulogy and begins to help Thomas. Thomas refuses to do so and insists on writing a eulogy without help, but Alvin doesn't mind and chooses the story one after another and tells it. Will the eulogy be completed? As the story is told, the small connection that existed between the two of them becomes clear.
The story of the bonds that Alvin and Thomas developed as children and the friendships they built throughout their lives.

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M. Tashiro?? Brown appeared? Square motomoto?? Brown appeared?


Songwriting and composition? Neil Bertram ? Screenplay? Brian Hill? Directing? Masanori Takahashi ? Translations and translations? Yuriko Hoshina


2019/10/9 (Wed) 〜2019/10/16 (Wed)

*Eligible performances
10/10/10 (Thu) 15:00★>11 October (Fri) 15:00◆ / 19:00◆
October 15th (Tue) 15:00★
October 16th ( Wed) 13:00◆>lt;br/>★=Thomas (Tashiro)>Alvin (square)
◆=Thomas (square) & Alvin (Tashiro)

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All seats are available for all seats:9,000 yen,

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Yomiori Otemachi Hall


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