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THE STAGE Lucky Dog 1 Break Through

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Results announcement:June 21 (Fri)"Lottery results notified".>
ticketing period
Seven-Eleven Payment Stipulations:Friday, June 21after notification of winning results - Tuesday, June 25, 23:59
Credit card payment: June 25 (Tue) You can pick up from 10:00 until the day of the performance.

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Jean Carlo? Shohei Domoto? Bernardo Ortolani? Atsushi Sugie? Luchino Greeletti? Yamauchi Keisuke? Julio di Bondoane? Terumi? Ivan Fiore? Sato, Shinryo? Baksi Christensen? Ryosuke Umawa? Ragriffe Ferhufen? Matsumoto Asahihira? Joshua? Hagiwara Takumi? Lloyd? Kazuhiro Nakajima? Madison Prison prisoners? Kazuki Ikuya Kobe Kokorocafe ♂ chi come ryo Nagi Kobe Kokorocafe $ et Hiroki Kobe kokorocafe ♂ co-ta Junki kobe kokorocafe ¥ Z da Shizuya kobe Kokorocafe #? R Ryuta Kobe Kokorocafe ♂ I bridge Kobe Kokorocafe ¢ D Bridge Taku


Screenplay? Kitamura Futoshi? Directing? Zheng Mitsumakoto? Music? Shuntaro Innan


2019/7/31 (Wed) 〜2019/8/4 (Sun)

Jul 31 (Wed) 19:00 ◆ Julio
Aug 01 (Thu) 14:00 ◇ Bernardo
Aug 01 (Thu) 19:00 ★ Ivan
Aug 02, 14:00 ☆ Luchino
Aug 02 (Fri) 19:00 ◇ Bernardo
Aug 03 (Sat) 14:00 ★ Ivan
Aug 03 (Sat) 19:00 ☆ Luchino
Aug 04 (Sun) ) 12:00 ◆ Julio
Aug 04 (Sun) 16:30 ★ Ivan

* There is a steak with daily part for each performance.

Ticket Fee

Madison Prison prisoner seat: 9,000 yen (with no sale benefit)
Madison prison Guard seat: 7,000 yen
(All seats Included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Sogetsu Hall


※ This performance is not eligible for the Redemption service.

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