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The boys are not the stage.
Yurakucho Yomiori Hall
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Seven-Eleven Payment Stipulations:June 25 (Tue) After notification of winning results - June 30 (Sun) 23:59
Credit card payments: Saturday, June 29 You can pick up from 10:00 until the day of the performance.

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Yu Matsumura ? Atsushi Maruyama ? Hidetoshi Kubota ? Tsuji Ryo ? How's it going? Yusuke Akiba ? Yu?? UBERS? Haruto?? UBERS? Abe Yoshiyuki ? Hiroki Sato ? Sekishuto ? Shoji Sonmura ? Ryosuke Iwasaki ? Kosuke Ansonko?? Andy Boy? Tsuneki Hasegawa ? Kosuke Everykuma ? Tomoyuki Ide ? Daisuke Nishioka ? Takeshi Itakura ? Ya Igarashi ? Oikawa, Huh? Jihyuk?? UPERNOVA


Screenplay and directing? Shiranagi power?? The Super Rabbit Empire?


2019/8/7 (Wed) 〜2019/8/11 (Sun)

Aug. 07 (Wed) 18:30
Aug 08 (Thu) 13:00/18:30
Aug 09 (Fri) 13:00/18:30
Aug 10 (Sat) 13:00/18:00 & L T; br/> Aug. 11 (Sun/Holiday) 13:00
* Each performance is scheduled to open one hour before the opening of the lobby.

Ticket Fee

SS seats (with bonus): 11,500 yen
S seats with bonuses: 9,500 yen
A seats: 7,500 yen
N seats: 5,000 yen *
(all seats reserved, including tax)

※N seats: SS~A seats are available.
Please exchange for a reserved seat ticket at the reception 30 minutes before the start of the show.
We may not be able to provide a row. Thank you for your understanding.
+ Ticketing Fee


Yurakucho Yomiuri Hall


* [Notes on official website] /a.

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