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Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card Theater Musical [A Fairy Tale-Blue Rose Spirit]/Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card Theater Revue Romain [Sharm!] ◆ Hyogo/Takarazuka Grand Theater ◆


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Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card Theater
[A Fairy Tale-Blue Rose Spirit]
production/Ueda Keiko

"Blue Roses" forbidden flowers that do not exist in the natural world. The flower language is Impossible impossible. The advancement of science makes any impossibility possible, and the Times change... Forever Impossible Dream, no one can stop the flow of time. The "Spirit of the Blue Rose" was trapped in the darkness and loneliness as a heretic in sin against the law of the fairy World. In the flow of passing, what was left in his heart....
The British Empire under the reign of Queen Victoria, which boasts unprecedented prosperity in the economic development of the Industrial revolution in the late nineteenth century. In London, where the world's first international Exposition was a great success, science and technology was a remarkable development, and people's endless desires swirled. With the backdrop of times when legends and superstitions are becoming a thing of the past, they draw while crossing the world that people believe to be real and the world of a different dimension that is not visible, and the original musical that is bitter and warm for the large people who live in the modern society which is too busy. Tomorrow sea Rio challenges the "Spirit of the Blue Rose" which drifts the beauty which is away from the human being, and invites it to an aesthetic, fantastic world.

Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Card Theater
Revue Romain
/director/Inaba Taiji

in France language, charm, color incense, magic, spells, etc. words "Sharm". It transforms into various appearances for each work and continues to give off the overwhelming charm tomorrow sea Rio, a splendid and dignified review work woven by a unique flower-filled student.

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2019/8/23 (Fri) 〜2019/9/30 (Mon)

* Applicable performances
Sep 02 (Mon) 13:00
Sep 07 (Sat) 11:00
Sep 12 (Thu) 11:00
Sep 20 (Fri) 13:00
Sep 22 (Sun) 15:00

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Takarazuka Grand Theatre


* If you have purchased several sheets, we may not be able to provide you with a seat depending on the situation. Please understand it beforehand.
※ The performance time is about three hours including the interval break (30 minutes).
※ in the Takarazuka Revue, we have to decline the delivery of flowers all the performers.
※ This performance is not eligible for "Ticket redemption Service".

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