Takarazuka Revue snow Brigade performance
Kampo life Dream Theater bakumatsu Roman "sword" and post life Dream Theater dynamic show "Music Revolution! ' ◇ Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre-

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kampo life Dream Theater
bakumatsu Roman
"Mibu students loyal transfer"
-Original Asada Jiro sword (Bunshun Bunko Edition) ~
screenwriter / Director / Ishida Masaya

drama in 2002 and filmed in 2003, and recorded the smash hit Asada Jiro's best-selling novel sword of Takarazuka Revue stage! Yoshimura kanichiro
Edo period, as the lower class samurai of the nanbu clan was born to impoverished families save for his wife, and upon leaving and then fleeing the Shinsengumi Brigade Corps workers. His wife and children remain in Morioka kanichiro with Hokushin Ittousai flow proficiency skills while an unsophisticated person, playing for money, for a dangerous mission without complaining, and who continue cut. But the trend of the times, rout the Shinsengumi at the battle of Toba-Fushimi. And promoted the wounds in our professional team is scattered, kanichiro is anyhow to beg home clan home, head to the southern clan warehouse premises of Osaka, there was was kurayashiki manage role and was childhood friend and Jiro Ono right. story of Shinsengumi drawn from even
Takarazuka Revue Shinsengumi anime and manga are often staged in the past, but a totally different perspective. Kondo isami, Hijikata third, Saito Hajime and Okita Soji. Country Samurai kept at a glance the famous Squad of the Shinsengumi, kanichiro Yoshimura. This piece concentrated human drama called love for righteousness as a Samurai, family, and friends and friendship, hope sea 風斗 headed snow set a new challenge.

kampo life Dream Theater
dynamic show
"Music Revolution! '
production / production / Nakamura 1 Tak

around the world of people living in the cultivated music ─ ─
"music" since ancient times people In a familiar and at the same time precious, and has given many people crush, joy, and hope. advances
jazz, rock, Latin, pop, classic... There are a variety of genres "music", but in this piece from the origin of the typical genre of music on the theme " Music "for will be delivered to the dynamic beauty and splendor. Create a stir in harmony singing with expressive bokai 風斗 and true Aya Yuki sails the snow set students are working with "Music Revolution! '   To stay tuned!

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Wanted sea 風斗 / true Aya Yuki sail / other



2019/7/26 (Fri) 〜2019/9/1 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
7/30 (Tuesday) 18:30
8/7 (Wednesday) 13:30
8/11 (and celebrated) 15:30
8/22 (Thursday) 13:30

Ticket Fee

S-seats: 8800 Yen:
a: 5500 Yen
B seat: 3500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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Tokyo Takarazuka theater


* Multiple photos if you purchase the circumstances cannot be offered seat on your order. Please be forewarned.
* duration is about 3 hours including intermission break (30 minutes).
* Takarazuka Revue, all performers, delivery of flowers we decline to our company.
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