Tokyo International Choral organization
The 2nd Tokyo International Choral competition

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TICC is a international choral competition to be held on 26 July 2019 to 31 July 2019.
The finalists that qualified through review of audio recordings will perform in the main round.
On the final day, the Grand Prix Choirs for each category will perform in the Grand Prix Competition.

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Host: International Choral Organization of Tokyo
Co-host: Chuo ward
General producer & Artistic director: Ko Matsushita


2019/7/24 (Wed) 〜2019/7/31 (Wed)

7/24 (Wednesday) 
[P] Tokyo International Choral Concours pre event International Choral Festival 2019 
Open 18:30 Start: 19:00 
Venue Nihonbashi Kokaido

7/25 (Thursday) 
[W] The 1st World Choral Championship 
Open 17:00 Start: 18: 00 

7/26 (Friday) 
[D11] first half (Children’s choir category) 
Open 11:30 Start 12:00 End 16:00 

[D12] second half (Senior choir category, Folklore category) 
Open 16:30 
Senior choir category start 17:00 End 18:30 
Folklore category Start 19:00 End 20:00 

7/27 (Saturday) 
[D21] 27, first half (Youth choir categor, Equal voice choir categor) 
Open 9:00 
Youth choir categor Start 9:30 End 12:00 
Equal voice choir categor Start 12:45 End 15:20 

[D22] 27 second half (Chamber choir category, Mixed choir category 1) 
Open 15:40 
Chamber choir categor Start 16:10 End 19:00 
Mixed choir category 1 concert Start 19:15 End 20:20

7/28 (Sunday) 
[D31] 28, first half (Mixed choir category 2, Contemporary music category)
Open 9: 00 
Mixed choir category 2 Start 9:30 End 11:00 
Contemporary music category Start 11:20 End 13:50 

[D32] Grand prix competition 
Open 14:15 Start 14:45 End 17:00 

[D33] aarbrucken Chamber Choir special concert 
Open 17:30 Start 18:00 End 19:15

7/29 (Monday) 
[A1] satellite concert 
Open 18:30 Start 19:00 
Venue Lutheran ichigaya Center

7/31 (Wednesday) 
[A2] Saarbrucken Chamber Choir, performances in Tokyo 
Open 18:30 Start 19:00 
Venue St. Mary's Cathedral

Ticket Fee

[P] Tokyo International Choral event Concours pre International Choral Festival 2019: 2,000 yen 
[W] The 1st World Choir championship: 4,000 yen 
[D11] 26 July first half ticket (children's Chorus): 3,000 yen 
[D12] 26 second half ticket (senior folklore): 3,000 yen 
[D21] 27 July first half ticket (youth, equal voices choir): 3,000 yen 
[D22] 27 second half ticket (Chamber Chorus and mixed chorus 1) : 3,000 yen 
[D31] 28 July first half ticket: 3,000 yen
[D32] 28 Grand Prix competition: 4,000 yen
[D33] 28, Saarbrucken Chamber Choir, special concert: 4,000 yen 
[A1] satellite concert: 3,000 yen 
[A2] Saarbrucken Chamber Choir, performances in Tokyo: 3,000 yen 
(General seating, tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Daiichi Seimei Hall, Lutheran ichigaya Center, Nihonbashi Kokaido, St. Mary's Cathedral


Organizations Overview

The International Choral Organization of Tokyo has been founded with an objective of popularizing and promoting choral music in Japan and around the world. Through international exchange by chorus, ICOT will conduct cultural peace activities. Furthermore, it is planned to conduct educational projects for children and adolescents. Currently hosting the “Karuizawa International Chorus Festival”, “International Choral Composition Competition” and “Tokyo International Choir Competition”, ICOT is actively working to serve for the development of the choral world in Japan, Asia and around the world, and the strengthening and activation of international exchange through chorus.


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