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2018 and 2019 season
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hatred and revenge is negative as the fate bear son Orestes. Greece tragedy was revived in the 21st century in a new adaptation of Robert.

2017 / 2018 season 1984 followed the world premiere Japan "Oresteia" by the attention British writer, Robert-IKE. This work is the reconstructed IKE "Oresteia" trilogy centered on the tragedy of Aeschylus's "Orestes" incorporating Greece tragedy other than the Bill Frisell. Performing, directing Uemura s. history through drama reflecting Greece tragedy "Orestes" also includes 10 books of "Greeks" (John Burton Siegal), Greece tragedy too savvy, and Outstanding production power and classical spin tales in the critical spirit and contemporary perspective always being evaluated. It is a stage young talents of the United Kingdom and Japan sparks flying and exactly what the world is paying attention.

Dr. Orestes asked childhood memories. "Two eagles and one Hare". Bunny in the belly of the Hare--.
Orestes father Agamemnon performs Oracle of "infanticide" because of the victory of the war, was killed young daughter Iphigenia as a sacrifice. And the Arc de Triomphe, for the return of her husband came to query times tiger kills the husband at the hands of his enemy's daughter that night. Orestes
trauma due to confusion, urged doctors to see the truth--.
Finally, Orestes killed the father's mother cry times tiger. With that sin can be put on trial.

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Ikuta Toma and sound Mon Katsura and quaint village / Yokota Eiji / shimofusa source taro / Matsunaga Reiko / Sagawa Kazumasa Zhou Yong / grass? JI statement /? direct warehouse / Akiko kurano / Kamino 3 bells


Original story: Aeschylus and made Robert Icke and translation: Hirakawa epic / Director: kamimura, Satoshi


2019/6/6 (Thu) 〜2019/6/30 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
6/8 (Saturday) 13:00:
6/9 (Sunday) 13:00
6/12 (Wednesday) 13:00 ★.
6/14 (Friday) 18:00
6/19 (Wednesday) 13:00
6/25 (Tuesday) 13:00
6/26 (Wednesday) 13:00

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* there are performers subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please be forewarned.

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