14 performances of the Opera Orchestra of Butler
"Albedo ~ I only wish to" ★ designated seat ticket vouchers


Performance content

bromeliad came to the residence of the story
"Moon". begin work, though, hoping to
young lady helped me
Botones-apprentice--is talk also reflects in the eyes of the young lady had been banned.

this dude, and I want to fulfill the wishes of the "Moon" stories

mistress of youth, bromeliads and
And the young lady has just became one of troubled stories

I want to fulfill your wishes, but I only hope

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Ring / Yuri / Iori / 隈川 / Kagawa / Rui swamp / Nomi / Kageyama / guest: Kurosaki, Hirayama



2019/3/7 (Thu) 〜2019/3/10 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
3/7 (Thursday) 19:00
3/8 (Friday) 19:00
3/9 (Saturday) 13:30 / 19:00
3/10 (Sunday) 13 : 00

* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

Please watch our performances four times to get Butler Revue all members by message DVD.

and performed more than five times your appreciation you have towards your appreciation awards and we present instant photograph than after the performance, you have admission to your favorite Trapper.

benefits and passing on the details, which will be at the venue.

[notice of the discussion]
On the following dates, round-table discussion by the servants, who decided after the performance.
& #8226; "3/8 (Friday) 19:00 annual" concert after
& #8226; "3/9 (Saturday) 19:00 times" after the concert performances after the

each 頂kimasu round-table discussion by the servants. Please join us, so, let's talk about, such as
performance story here but usually introduce. contents of

15 minutes or so. I can also leave
during the visit feel.

Ticket Fee

[Specify seat voucher]: 5600 yen (tax included)

[specify seat voucher]
* on the concert 90 minutes ago reception seating with Exchange.
you on delivery times may differ. Please be forewarned. If you are
* coupled seat. Please be forewarned.

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