ACTOR'S TRASH ASSH 22 performance
Howl to the Moon, night view 焦gase you!

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Please check the special website.


2019/3/18 (Mon) 〜2019/3/24 (Sun)

* Handling target performance
21 (Mon Thu) 14:00 ~ / 19:00 ~
22 (Friday) 19:00-
23 (Saturday) 13:00-/ 18:00-
each 4 persons 20

* doors will start 30 minutes before

Ticket Fee

A: [specify seat voucher]
only 20 people! [a:] 5500 yen → [specify seat voucher] 4700 Yen and 200 P get!

+ Ticketing Fee


Theater green BIG TREE THEATER


[Specify seat voucher]
day, starting 60 minutes ago reception seat ticket and exchange for sure. If you are
-seats. Please be forewarned.

Organizations Overview

ACTOR ' S TRASH, "from junk-hole flowers" that poems are original.

founded originally no theater experience, and created the concept of "no name group go bloom"flower"," moto結 member was the Center.
"ASSH" skip coined by ACTOR S TRASH, is then referred to as "ASSH'.

2002 debuted


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